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Overcome Indecision – Calm the mind enough to make decisions easily with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session


Overcome Indecision – Calm the mind enough to make decisions easily with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session

How do you make a decision?

How do you determine, when you get up from your chair to go somewhere, which foot to move first?

How do you make up your mind which coffee to order at the coffee bar?

What makes you go on reading this screen instead of going for that coffee now? Or doing something else? Questions like this can make your head hurt!

Some decisions are so easy you don’t notice you’re deciding

Modern brain science has revealed much (although far from everything) about how we navigate the endless flow of decisions that life faces us with.

Most of our ‘functional’ decisions, like breathing, heart-rate, blinking, and which foot to move first when walking happen ‘automatically’, and out of our awareness. You are unlikely to sit in your chair dithering Left foot? Right foot?

Life-saving decisions probably don’t give you much trouble either. If a taxi suddenly careens up the sidewalk towards you, you won’t stand there wavering whether to jump to the left or the right, you will just find yourself having done one or the other without even thinking about it.

Difficult decisions? Here comes trouble!

It’s the higher level decisions which cause all the difficulties. What makes a decision ‘higher level’?

These are the decisions where your cerebral cortex is engaged – where you use your powers of reason to compare alternatives, predict outcomes, and minimise risks. Until the cortex gives the go ahead, your functional response to these choices is held in check.

If no signal comes, you are stuck.

Why you have more decision making problems than your ancestors

This wouldn’t be too much of a problem if it only happened once in a while.

The trouble is, the free-market, web-linked, 24 hour instant access, multiple choice world we suddenly find ourselves in is a far cry from the simpler world, with far fewer choices, in which our rationalising powers evolved.

Gone are the days when ‘big decision’ meant ‘who shall I marry’ or choosing to be a hunter or a farmer.

What kind of shampoo suits my hair?

Singer songwriter Joe Jackson summed our modern dilemma up beautifully in It’s All Too Much:

I hate this supermarket
But I have to say it makes me think
A hundred mineral waters
It’s fun to guess which ones are safe to drink
Two hundred brands of cookies
87 kinds of chocolate chip
They say that choice is freedom
I’m so free it drives me to the brink

I’m sure I am not the only one who has stood helplessly in the aisle at the supermarket in front of the range of laundry products that promise me whiter, brighter, color safe, biodegradable, skin friendly, non-biological, bleach free, elderflower scented tablets, powder, liquid, gel with added softener and wondered whether anybody still makes a product which just cleans your clothes.

The overwhelmed brain comes to a stop

The sheer number of possible choices now laid before us overwhelms our brains. The cerebral cortex can go into overdrive, exploring options, looking for the ‘perfect’ decision, unable to make a distinction between choices that really do matter and need to be considered carefully and slowly and what dressing to have with your take-out.

Jackson’s song starts with the words Some days I can’t get started, and it’s no wonder, when we feel as if we are making life-changing decisions all the time, even when we aren’t. We become exhausted, drained, fatalistic. Unable to decide what to do, opportunities pass us by. We’re stuck.

How to get unstuck from indecision

The scientists will tell you that the state of indecision is a matter of imbalance between important brain chemicals, and that the balance has to be restored for you to be able to take action.

Fortunately, you don’t need brain surgery or medication to begin adjusting the balance. You can start by deliberately activating the part of your brain which has been pushed into the background by all this cerebral over-activity.

Overcome Indecision is an audio hypnosis session designed to ‘kick start’ right brain activity – your creative, intuitive, instinctive brain. It is this part of your brain which makes all those ‘automatic’ decisions mentioned above.

And this part of your brain, while not fully within your conscious control, is not fully outside of it either. Which means you can directly access your unconscious resources and target them where you want.

Overcome Indecision will teach you how to relax really deeply. We all make better decisions when we are calm, relaxed, and clear-headed.

You will find yourself developing a wide new perspective on the challenges that face you. And you will be able to reconnect with the instinctive resources which your ancestors evolved for you so that you can make good decisions.

Download Overcome Indecision now and put that dithering behind you – for good! You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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