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Over Competitive? – Hypnosis can help you retune that competitive streak so you can use it more effectively


Over Competitive? – Hypnosis can help you retune that competitive streak so you can use it more effectively

Has being over competitive caused you problems?

Do you wonder if it's possible to stop wanting to compete over everything?

Being overly competitive can harm your relationships with people who matter to you, and rob you of the chance to enjoy many wonderful things in life whose satisfactions and pleasures depend on cooperation, collaboration or – now here's a thought! – letting someone else win.

But where does the drive to be so competitive come from?

What makes you over competitive?

Charles Darwin is famous for having worked out that the characteristics of the creatures we see on our planet today (including ourselves) are the result of millions of years of evolutionary change. Characteristics that improve the survival chances of a species are passed down the generations. Characteristics that lessen those chances die out. We call this process “survival of the fittest”. It's the ultimate competition.

The rules of the competition don't change. The ground where the game is played, however, changes randomly (if infrequently), as does the position of the goalposts (or the height of the bar, for a different sporting analogy). If the pitch changes suddenly beneath your feet (dry land to water, for instance) the very thing that previously favored your survival can now become a threat. Unless you adapt quickly, you could be doomed.

Evolution is a vast, impersonal process that is not concerned with individuals except as the genetic transmitters of survival-enhancing characteristics that can spread through the species. What works (in a particular prevailing environment) survives. What doesn't, doesn't.

Competitiveness: a mixed blessing

Competitiveness works. Everywhere you look, it's going on. You might say that this is the one area where evolution is directly concerned with individuals. Because, in order to even get on the bandwagon to be able to pass on your characteristics you have to outcompete others for a suitable partner (who's engaged in a similar competition of their own).

These evolutionary pressures are going on in the background of all our lives all the time. We don't decide to participate – we are enrolled in this competition whether we like it or not. And it explains why competitiveness itself can play such a significant role in our lives. Competitiveness often feels like a matter of life and death because, from the perspective of evolution, it is a matter of life and death.

But from the perspective of the individual, competitiveness is a decidedly mixed blessing. For the individual, competition, though undoubtedly very important, is not the only – nor even necessarily the most – important thing in life. In fact, as you've probably discovered, when you are over competitive in areas where competition is really misplaced, you (and other people) can end up paying a heavy price.

Are you stuck with it? Far from it.

How to stop competitiveness from running (ruining) your life

Instinctive behavior patterns that are part of your genetic inheritance are not fixed and unchangeable. The human brain has also evolved a fantastic level of plasticity – the ability to remodel and reshape itself in response to perceived needs. You can reprogram instinctive behaviors.

Stop Being Over Competitive is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you retune your instinctive competitiveness and bring it in line with your overall goals for your life.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll see a number of changes taking place. Among them, you'll notice that

  • you begin to see how competitiveness operates inside you
  • you no longer let it have all the control
  • you develop a wider perspective on what life is about and what you yourself really want
  • you consciously harness and direct your competitiveness towards carefully selected goals
  • you spontaneously enjoy more of life, free from the need to compete

Download Stop Being Over Competitive and relax more in life! You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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