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Confidence with your Boss – Use hypnosis to give you a confident attitude when dealing with your boss


Confidence with your Boss – Use hypnosis to give you a confident attitude when dealing with your boss

Many people find dealing with their boss difficult. Often they will forget what they are trying to say, find it hard to concentrate and generally feel uncomfortable – even panicky.

This is a common problem when you are keen to impress someone but to be truly effective, you need a new way of relating to your boss.

Your boss’s problem, not yours?

It could just be something about your boss that you find intimidating – perhaps they are unpredictable, or prone to angry outbursts. Whatever the cause, when you start to feel confident around your boss your whole working life, self respect and enjoyment of your job is going to greatly improve.

The importance of status

The reason we all experience emotions such as shame, embarrassment and humiliation is because we are unconsciously sensitive to the ‘pecking order’. Status matters in our lives much more than we think.

Status is an amazing thing. When we are in the presence of someone we feel has greater authority (higher status) than we do, our blood pressure reliably becomes higher! In medicine there is even a name for it – white coat syndrome.

If someone is having their blood pressure reading taken by a doctor to whom they feel lower in status they may give an inaccurately high blood pressure reading.

When doctors have what is known as a ‘good bedside manner’ they make the patient feel important and therefore on a equal footing whilst still maintaining the patient’s respect for them.

So it could be that you had been experiencing a spot of ‘white coat syndrome’ with your boss. Maybe authority and status has intimidated you throughout your life to some extent through social conditioning.

Watch out for inferiority signals

You may be very sensitive to people in higher status positions such as your boss and it’s true to say that they are usually at least unconsciously aware if someone is giving off signals of inferiority. This may make them unconsciously feel you wouldn’t be right for promotion or ready for more responsibility.

It may even encourage them to treat you in less than fair ways. This is because people often treat people in accordance with the signals people give off as to how they think they should be treated.

Confidence repels bullies

If you make it subtly clear that you feel you warrant respect, are confident in yourself and wont take any nonsense then people will pick up on this and treat you accordingly. It could be that your boss is a bit of a bully however feeling more confident around them whatever they are like as a person can only make things better.

How hypnosis can develop your confidence around your boss

As discussed above, status is a key issue when dealing with your boss. It is important to show respect, but feeling anxious or fearful is taking things too far.

And this could well be due to your boss’s attitude – some people are not great at handling power and tend to bully those they see as inferior to them.

The hypnosis session Confidence With Your Boss will help you give off the right signals so that your boss begins to treat you more as an equal. And this can happen surprisingly quickly.

Download Confidence with your Boss now and start feeling better round them immediately. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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