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Moving House Stress – Cut down the stress of moving house and enjoy your new start with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session


Moving House Stress – Cut down the stress of moving house and enjoy your new start with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session

Moving house and setting up in a new home may sound superficially exciting, but anyone who’s been through it can tell you that the process can exact a high toll in stress.

In fact, stress polls regularly put it above illness and even divorce for impact on your life. Even thinking about moving can cause your stress levels to rise. But is it true that there is no way to escape from house moving stress?

Practical ways to cut the stress of moving

Well, if you visit one of the many websites that advise you about the best way to move house, you’ll find plenty of tips on what to do to make the process smoother.

This advice is helpful in its way. It focuses on the practical side of moving – careful planning, and to do lists, and scheduling, and such like. Following these suggestions will undoubtedly help you cope with the essential tasks involved in moving house.

Moving house is an emotional business, not just a practical one

What’s harder to find is advice on how to cope with the complicated feelings that arise when you are planning a move.

If you are moving ‘up’ – going to what you believe is a better place than your current home – you will have a different set of emotions than if you are moving ‘down’. If you like your present home and neighborhood, you will feel differently than if you hate it.

Whether you are looking forward to it or dreading it, you will be going through two major emotional upheavals at least. On the one hand, you will be leaving what you know.

Whether you go willingly or unwillingly, it will involve the undoing and loss of connections and associations that you may have spent a long time building. On the other hand, you are going to something that you don’t know. You have to face the unknown.

Where the real stress of moving home comes from

A great deal of the real stress of moving comes from these emotional factors rather than the nitty-gritty issues of what to do with that settee which won’t fit in the new house, or getting that cupboard down the stairs in one piece, or letting all the utility companies know you are moving.

But this is not often acknowledged, and may simply get buried under the swarm of inescapable tasks that have to be got through.

The real secret of moving house with ease

If you want to make your house move as stress free as possible, your best bet is to combine the practical step-by-step planning approach mentioned above with thorough emotional preparation. You won’t find ’emotional preparation’ on any of those websites, but you can download Moving House Stress and begin getting yourself ready in the comfort of your own armchair.

Moving House Stress is a hypnosis session which focuses on the emotional, psychological aspects of handling the process of moving home.

Moving House Stress will help you to become relaxed and stay relaxed. It will help you deal with the emotional side of your move as well as encouraging you with the practical business of packing up and unpacking again somewhere new. It will help you keep ‘moving’ in its proper place in the bigger story of your life.

Download Moving House Stress now and make your move more easily than you would have believed possible. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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