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Internet Addiction – Break the time-wasting, life-damaging cycle with hypnosis


Internet Addiction – Break the time-wasting, life-damaging cycle with hypnosis

You may think that ‘internet addiction' is a bit strong.

Compulsively surfing the net may seem harmless but if it's something you feel compelled to do, if you feel agitated until you get your ‘fix', then make no mistake it is an addiction.

  • Does it feel out of control?
  • Do you sometimes start surfing then wonder where the evening went?
  • Is it possible you have an addiction?

Whether you are truly ‘addicted' or not, if internet surfing sometimes come before real life, or if you use the internet even when you had promised yourself you wouldn't then you may have entered an addictive relationship to the internet.

Any tool can be misused

The internet is an amazing and wonderful tool, but too much of it can have a negative hypnotic effect: grabbing then holding your focus of attention until you ‘wake up' from the internet trance feeling exhausted.

It also tends to put the brain into ‘hunting' mode which can make it difficult for you to sleep for hours afterwards.

The internet seems to promise more than it can deliver

We all have needs for connection to other people and we can get some of these needs met thought the internet (forums, chat rooms, blogs etc.) but as a replacement for real life connections it's never going to be truly satisfying.

Human beings are social animals, part of which is the actual presence of other people, eye contact, touch and so on. The internet just can't satisfy all these needs, and so needs to be kept in balance.

Strangely, surfing the internet can feel as if you're achieving something too. But are you? Really?

What would freedom from internet addiction feel like?

If you add up all the hours you've spent on the internet in the last year, what would that look like? It might be worth doing that now, just to add to your motivation to quit!

Then have a think about all the things you could achieve in that amount of time.

You clearly have the ability to focus on something for a long period of time – what if that was something truly productive? What could you achieve?

What will you be doing in your life once you are freed up from having to spend so much time on the internet? The skills and talents and constructive satisfactions you can develop. This session will help you get your life back on track.

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