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Fear of Rejection – Stop behaving in ways that will ultimately get you rejected with the help of hypnosis

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Fear of Rejection – Stop behaving in ways that will ultimately get you rejected with the help of hypnosis

Does the fear of being rejected fill you with painful dread?

Does stop you from doing what you really, really want to do?

Why are we so worried about being accepted?

It's deeply natural and human to want to be accepted and liked by other people. Human beings are social creatures, who evolved in small tribes where it was absolutely essential to be on good terms with other members of the tribe.

Tens of thousands of years ago, if you were rejected by your tribe for some reason, and thrown out to fend for yourself, you would be very likely to meet a speedy end.

In those long ago and dangerous times, your physical survival was very strongly linked to how well you got on with those around you. You needed the full acceptance of everyone if you were to live.

So you had to nurture your relationships with others, take part in group activities, do your bit, and help others do theirs. That's why it makes sense that we all still have a deep primal instinct that it is really important to be accepted.


What happens when the instinctive response is the wrong one

Important and vital though our primal instincts are, they can sometimes get out of control. For example, if you've had one or more really bad experiences of being bullied, rejected or excluded in the past, you're probably keen to avoid that happening again. But this might make you too cautious.

If you don't even apply for that job because you're afraid you won't be accepted, you cut yourself off in three ways. You can't show what you can do. You don't get to develop the new skills that the job offers. And you miss the chance to build new relationships with work colleagues.

Past hurts can also make you overly suspicious of other people's motives. You feel you ‘can't trust anyone' and so you're always actively looking for evidence that people are – or a particular someone is – not to be trusted. This kind of attitude makes it harder to find acceptance.

Why can't you just act differently?

Of course, it's relatively easy to understand in your head that what you are doing is having the opposite effect from what you want. But that feeling of dread is so strong! It seems to paralyze you. Or else it locks you into a repeating pattern that you don't seem able to escape.

What can you do?

Let hypnosis help you

Overcome Fear of Rejection is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will quickly change that feeling of dread to a feeling of calmly expectant curiosity, and so free you to connect confidently again.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Can feel all the tension inside you just melting away
  • Become deeply aware of the web of vital connections around you
  • Start to understand whose approval matters – and whose doesn't
  • Feel more and more at ease meeting new people
  • Get better and better at doing what will help relationships flourish
  • Find life just so much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Download Overcome Fear of Rejection now and open up your life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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