How to Improve Poor Circulation Using the Mind

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Poor Circulation – Hypnosis can be used to affect many physical processes, bloodflow among them


Poor Circulation – Hypnosis can be used to affect many physical processes, bloodflow among them

Poor circulation (sometime known as Peripheral Artery Disease or PAD) produces all kinds of problems. Symptoms of poor circulation include pain and swelling in the legs, low energy, tired and aching feet, cramps and cold hands and feet.

Infections caused by bacteria spread quicker in areas of bad circulation and you may find that your legs, hands or feet have a habit of ‘falling asleep‘, giving you that numb feeling.

If left untreated poor circulation can lead to heart disease, strokes and in extreme cases amputation so it's vital you get yourself medically checked out.

How your mind can help improve your circulation

We know that in tandem with medical help and good lifestyle, your mind has a massive effect on your body. Hypnotic imagery can improve immune function, build muscle strength, lower blood pressure and improve your circulation.

There are many studies looking at how to alter blood flow to the extremeties, for example one 1 which demonstrated that hypnotically increasing the temperature of the fingers was achievable by more than 3/4 of participants.

Another study 2 showed that children aged 5-15 could create significant increases in the temperature of their index fingers.

We urge you to look after yourself in all ways as well as relaxing deeply to this session on a regular basis to train your unconscious mind to improve your circulation.

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2 Self-Hypnosis, Biofeedback, and Voluntary Peripheral Temperature Control in Children

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