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Growth Mindset – Let hypnosis help you get the attitudes – and the perseverance – to go further, faster


Growth Mindset – Let hypnosis help you get the attitudes – and the perseverance – to go further, faster

Would you like to find out what you're really capable of?

Is fear of getting things wrong or making a fool of yourself holding you back?

The road to success. Not.

What is success? Does it depend on your innate qualities, or on your effort and endeavor? In many societies and cultures around the world it's common to praise children for being ‘good' or ‘clever', and to criticize and punish them for being ‘bad' or ‘stupid'.

Many parents think this is how to encourage their children to do well in life. Be good and clever and avoid being bad or stupid. It seems simple. And obvious.

The trouble is, it's wrong.

What prevents the development of a growth mindset

Focusing on moral or intellectual attributes rather than actions sends out the message that how you appear to be is more important than what you do.

Parents who do this unwittingly teach their children that their skills and talents are fixed. You've got a certain level, and that's it. And whatever you think your level may be, if you think it's ‘fixed' you will tend to avoid anything you think is outside that level, because then you'll get shown up and look ‘stupid'.

If you've regularly been told that you're ‘clever' or ‘intelligent' for what you've done, you'll develop the idea that you are clever, and this is part of your identity, and so you won't feel comfortable taking risks that might show you're not so clever after all.

And if you've been told that you're ‘stupid', you'll think that's part of your identity, and you won't believe you're capable of doing anything difficult or challenging.

The cost of a fixed mindset

This perhaps well-intentioned but completely misguided approach prevents a lot of people (and perhaps you too) from reaching their full potential.

The fact is, and it's borne out by research, that success is fundamentally not about who you are, or appear to be. It's about learning, developing and making a continuous effort. It's about what you do to acquire new knowledge and new skills.

But if you have this fixed mindset, it's hard to shift, because it's so wrapped up with who we think we are, our identity. It's almost as if, to break out of it and acquire a growth mindset, the idea that you can get better at stuff by putting in the effort, you have to become someone else. How are you going to do that?

How hypnosis can completely transform how you go about learning

Get a Growth Mindset is an audio hypnosis session that uses the power of hypnosis to help you quickly develop a whole new attitude to getting more out of life through learning new things and acquiring new skills.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Quickly learn how to learn better with hypnosis
  • Review your life and your previous learning experiences and see them in a whole new light
  • Feel more alive and more stimulated by the things you are learning
  • Put real committed effort into practicing what you learn and feel very good about it
  • Sense that you are really growing as a person – and who knows where that will lead?

Download Get a Growth Mindset now and really broaden your horizons. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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