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Finish What You Start – A hypnosis audio to keep you on task until the job is done


Finish What You Start – A hypnosis audio to keep you on task until the job is done

Do you have a pile of unfinished projects gathering dust at the back of your mind, reminding you every day of all the things you never completed?

Do you wonder what might have happened if you had reached that goal, completed that project, or achieved that aim?

Why is it so hard to maintain the momentum?

Starting a new project whether it's writing a novel, learning a musical instrument or even running a business can be very exciting.

But once the initial excitement has worn off and the ‘newness' has gone then the actual effort and grind involved can just seem like a thankless task.

Learn to keep going, right to the very end.

The trick to finishing what you start is to undertake the task for reasons other than the excitement it carries and to actively avoid getting ‘paid early', that is, gaining some sort of benefit such as attention or congratulations before the goal is complete.

Like a 100 metre sprinter who drops the pace at 97 metres, only to be beaten to the gold – why go hard for so long only to give up before you're done?

Henry Ford, Louis Pasteur, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and in fact anyone who has ever achieved anything could have got bored, given up too soon but they knew how to keep at something doing it and doing it because their goals were non-negotiable in their own minds. Self discipline allowed them to keep their promises to themselves.

After all, if you are creative enough with your procrastination you'll always come up with what seems like a good reason not to do something.  This session gets you sticking to your plans – not wimping out through disguised laziness.

How hypnosis can help you finish the things you start

Much of motivation comes from what you do with your imagination. Whether you imagine something to be easy or hard. Whether you imagine the outcome being positive or negative. Whether you imagine you can actually achieve it or not.

Hypnosis is the active use of the imagination paired with deep relaxation, nature's perfect learning state. Which is why you can use hypnosis to learn new attitudes and approaches.

So download Finish What You Start now and start seeing yourself finishing things, not just starting them. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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