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The Gossip – Prepare emotionally to deal with the two-faced, backstabbing gossip using hypnosis


The Gossip – Prepare emotionally to deal with the two-faced, backstabbing gossip using hypnosis

Do you know someone who says one thing to your face, and then another behind your back? And then comes and tells you the latest spiteful gossip about someone else?

At first you can't believe it – they seemed so nice – you thought they were a friend but in fact their behavior is poisonous.

“So and so's been saying this about you”

A common tactic of the gossipy two-face is to ‘false-team': “Some people have been saying, a few people have been talking about you and saying…”

But when it comes to giving you names or even exactly what is being said they clam up! Nothing is out in the open and all they've succeeded in doing is make you feel insecure and paranoid.

They may do this as entertainment or because they are envious of others. Whatever the reason, dealing with them can be awful.

Two faced gossips often operate by first getting your trust, perhaps by using charm or by telling you a small piece of personal information about themselves.

You then tell them something about yourself in return which is later used against you. Two-faced gossips have to be dealt with before their behavior rots the trust and efficiency of whole organizations or social groups.

Two faced gossiping and back stabbing can be likened to guerrilla warfare; the sniper shoots from the trees so you can't properly defend yourself. When you force them out into the open and confront them openly they go on the defensive.

How hypnosis can help

Dealing with gossips can be an emotional experience. You may feel justifiably angry, upset or betrayed. And confronting them can be anxiety-provoking.

If there's one thing hypnosis does par-excellence, it's prepare you emotionally. Using hypnosis you can rehearse feeling the way you want to feel when dealing with the gossip.

This, in turn, increases your confidence and means you find it easier in the future. The gossip will also sense your confidence and think twice about messing with you in the future.

Download ‘Dealing With the Two-Faced Gossip‘ now and learn how to deal with this most unpleasant of difficult people. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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