How to Become a Better Hypnotic Subject

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Be a Better Hypnotic Subject – Learn how to go deeply into hypnosis and reap all the amazing benefits


Be a Better Hypnotic Subject – Learn how to go deeply into hypnosis and reap all the amazing benefits

Thanks to TV shows and stage hypnosis, people expect arm levitations, hallucination, amnesia or onion eating from hypnosis and are disappointed if that's not what they experience during hypnosis.  They conclude hypnosis isn't for them as they aren't hypnotic.

Or maybe you find yourself consciously analyzing everything and finding it hard to really get into deep trance?   It's like you're far too aware of everything to be in trance and get discouraged, or maybe you worry about ‘giving up control' and so find it hard to relax.

What it takes to be a hypnotic subject

All humans are capable of going naturally into trance, and do it all the time. Who hasn't got lost in a TV movie and failed to hear the phone ringing? Or arrived at the end of a journey and wondered how on earth they got there?

So it's not the case that you can't go into hypnosis. The difference is that, when you sit down to listen to a hypnosis download, or to a hypnotist, you are doing it deliberately.

And going into hypnosis deliberately, like any other activity that you consciously undertake, is a skill that you can develop and improve. It's literally a case of learning how to do it, and then practicing until you get really good at it.

And funnily enough, the best way to learn it is through hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the best tool for teaching you how to go into hypnosis

Be a Better Hypnotic Subject is an audio hypnosis session created by highly experienced hypnotherapists which has precisely the aim of teaching you how to improve your skills at entering a hypnotic state and making good use of it.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you

  • naturally find yourself relaxing more readily
  • engage more deeply with the experience without analyzing so much
  • still retain complete control and freedom of choice about what you will or won't accept
  • start to experience and enjoy different kinds of phenomena
  • become more adept at shaping your hypnotic experience
  • get more from hypnosis sessions

Download Be a Better Hypnotic Subject now and make sure you get all the benefits of this truly wonderful method of self transformation. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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