How to Be More Confident in Meetings

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Confidence in Meetings – A relaxing hypnosis audio to teach your unconscious how to stay calm and speak clearly in groups


Confidence in Meetings – A relaxing hypnosis audio to teach your unconscious how to stay calm and speak clearly in groups

Do you want to contribute to meetings but are afraid to speak in front of others?

Do nerves take over and leave you frustrated and mute?

Meetings are a necessary evil of work and community life.  It is possible to communicate remotely using emails or social networks but there is no substitue for people getting together to discuss important issues, plan and make decisions.  This is why meetings are a daily part of our working lives.

Many people find that they are perfectly relaxed in social groups, but find work meetings a very difficult, painful experience.  You know that the other people at the meeting are expecting you to contribute but you can barely speak. And when you do, your mouth lets you down while your body is in full fight or flight mode with churning stomach, sweaty palms and nausea.

All this anxiety in meetings stops you from performing at your best. Being more relaxed in meetings means you can focus on the job in hand – and not on your own emotions and physical responses – and avoid being angry at your own performance and stop dreading the inevitable next meeting.

Relax in meetings and do yourself justice

To progress in your career you have to perform well and contribute effectively in meetings.  It's extremely frustrating for co-workers to have missing input to a meeting, as your contribution may be the vital opinion or information that makes the difference between success, mediocrity or even failure.

This is the win-win of being more confident in meetings – you get the buzz from contributing and influencing the outcome, and your co-workers gain a more valuable colleague who they are more likely to respect and support in future.

Becoming calm in meetings means you can talk better but it also means you can listen better to others. So many people say that anxiety in meetings prevents them from actually hearing what others are saying because they become so preoccupied with what they, themselves, are going to talk about.

What would it be like to actually enjoy meetings?

At the moment the idea of actually enjoying a meeting probably sounds like an impossibility. But it's not.

Start listening to the Confidence in Meetings hypnosis session today and you will retrain your instincts to replace fear with calm and confidence. The next meeting you attend will be a very different experience indeed.

Download Confidence in Meetings now and enjoy your next meeting. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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