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Keep a Cool Head – Learn how to stay calm and protect yourself from emotional overwhelm in a crisis with hypnosis


Keep a Cool Head – Learn how to stay calm and protect yourself from emotional overwhelm in a crisis with hypnosis

Do you find yourself getting all worked up when crisis and pressures fall upon you? Does your heart race and your palms moisten as you try to deal with demanding situations?

Do you get overwhelmed by emotion? Is it hard to think straight and see your way towards what you have to do?

Getting worked up is normal and has its uses

It's reassuring to know that these responses to pressure are completely normal. The human body is a delicately balanced system, evolved over millennia, reacting to whatever is happening in the environment.

Its primary goal, as for every living being, is to continue living. So its primary response is what we call the fight/flight response. Everything in you has evolved to get you, personally, out of trouble – fast.

Why fight/flight responses can't always help the situation

That you are here is testimony to the highly successful functioning of this system. But you might not always be thrilled to have your decision making powers taken over by this elemental life preservation system.

The conditions of modern life are, for most people, so utterly different from those primeval pressures that this emotional response often turns out to be maladaptive. A contributor rather than a solution to problems.

Why you need to be able to keep a cool head when trouble looms

Every day now, people must face situations where neither running nor fighting are viable or advisable options. The ambulance crew attending a road traffic accident cannot afford to get caught up in the emotional impact of what is happening.

The business director cannot run from the boardroom during a company crisis. His fellow directors won't appreciate it if he tries to fight them, either.

Even at the personal level, the ability to stay calm and collected is generally more useful than the power to run or fight. Everybody can get very worked up about family problems, for example, but you really need a cool head to untangle them and find solutions.

How hypnosis can help you keep a cool head in a crisis

While we wait for evolution to catch up – which won't be any time soon – you don't have to be at the mercy of your primal response system. Evolution has also provided you with a powerful way to influence and control your own instinctive systems, and purposely develop new responses.

Keep a Cool Head is an audio hypnosis session which makes full use of the power of the human brain to generate and integrate new patterns of behavior which are just as powerful as our genetic inheritance.

The relaxing audio session will show you how to develop the inner detachment you need to put your emotions aside at appropriate times. You will learn how you can be inside a situation and outside it at the same time – thus enabling you to see more of the ‘bigger picture' around any situation.

You can listen to Keep a Cool Head repeatedly to deeply embed the new ‘blueprint' you develop for responding to crisis situations, and enjoy all the benefits that come from relaxing deeply while you do so.

Download Keep a Cool Head now and keep calm under pressure. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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