Hitch a ride on a space ship and explore the infinite reaches of your brain!

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Ride in a Space Ship – A hypnotic story to take you on a fun journey


Ride in a Space Ship – A hypnotic story to take you on a fun journey

Imagine an amazing ride through the galaxy and then the Universe! The countless stars, the wispy hue of distant star clusters, alien galaxies and nebula!

Everyday life can distance us from the incredible creative power of our minds; ‘Ride on a Space Ship’ will remind you what the astonishing organ in your head can do!

And as well as stimulating your creative ability, this entrancing session will relax you incredibly deeply, refreshing and rejuvenating you to face the day afresh.

It’s well known that deep relaxation improves concentration, peps up the immune system and keeps you on your toes.

Experience the astral delights of this hypnotic journey and leave everyday life far behind for a while. During this dreamlike experience you’ll experience magic and entrancement. You’ll see the whole universe spiral out before you like a sea of pearls, you’ll travel at infinite speeds yet relax deeply and peacefully.

It’s the ultimate vacation from daily life – your mind will become more expansive with the ultimate ‘bigger picture.’

Download ‘Ride in a Space Ship‘ now and journey the expanse of your mind!

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