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Escape the Daily Grind with a Hypnotic Bubble Bath and immerse yourself in deep, soothing, rejuvenating relaxation…

Hypnotic Vacation – Take a relaxing journey and develop an appreciation for the beauty in each day
Soar Like an Eagle – This enjoyable hypnotic journey can increase your energy levels and productivity
Laugh More – Hypnosis can help you naturally develop an enjoyable, healthy sense of humor
Space Walk – Relax into a hypnotic experience of the joys of weightlessness
Hypnotic Treasure Hunt – If you’re looking for relaxation hypnosis, you can’t beat a hypnotic treasure hunt!
Ride in a Space Ship – A hypnotic story to take you on a fun journey
Alpine Ski Run – Let hypnosis take your imagination on an exhilarating trip!
Happy Days – A hypnosis audio to develop instinctive and habitual happiness
Ride Under the Ocean – A hypnosis audio session to strengthen your creativity and imagination
Ride on a Magic Carpet – A relaxing, imaginative hypnosis audio
Cloud Nine – Rediscover how good life can be with this permissive, gentle hypnosis session
History of Mankind – Get some therapeutic perspective with this fun, permissive hypnosis session