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Speak Without Notes – Hypnosis can help you master the art of remembering what you want to say to your audience


Speak Without Notes – Hypnosis can help you master the art of remembering what you want to say to your audience

Do you still rely heavily on speakers notes when you give a presentation?

Does the thought of speaking notes-free fill you with dread?

Notes have their place in public speaking and presentations. When you are working out the structure of the information you are going to impart to your audience, that is, what you want to say and the order in which you want to say it, preparing an outline is invaluable. It helps you to visualize the shape and form of your talk and get control of all the material.

At the next stage too, as you polish up the content and start rehearsing your delivery, a good set of notes provides a useful scaffolding for the ‘building' of your presentation, and allow you to home in on any element you want to highlight or expand upon, without losing sight of your overall goal.

Speakers notes eventually outlive their usefulness

But when you've built a fine house, you don't really want the scaffolding to remain standing around it, do you? You want people to focus on the house itself, not on how it was built.

The trouble is, those speakers notes can become a bit of a comfort blanket, not to say a crutch. They are a source of reassurance, a protection charm against the nightmare of losing the plot one day. But that charm can actually start to get in the way of good presentation. Because it becomes about the notes, and not about what you're burning to tell your audience.

What would it be like to be speak notes free? By all means to use them in preparation and rehearsal, but then to set them aside and fly free, confident in your subject and sure about what you want to say?

It can be done.

Hypnosis can help you break free from speakers notes

Speak without notes is an audio hypnosis session carefully put together by psychologists with wide experience in public speaking that will get you confidently presenting without a piece of paper in sight.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you will

  • regularly put yourself in a very powerful learning state
  • build an unshakeable association between speaking and calm, relaxed confidence
  • master a powerful method of recall to hold all the details of your material in your head
  • gradually wean yourself off reliance on the use of notes
  • become a livelier and more engaging presenter

Download Speak without notes and become a better speaker today.

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