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New Step Parent –


New Step Parent –

It can be difficult adapting to life as a new step parent. The child isn't yours but you want to get on with them. You might feel little patience for your step child or feel you have really made an effort and got little back in return. You may feel you cannot chastise or even praise the child because they are ‘not yours.'


Some step children can be resentful and after all: ‘Why should they listen to you? You're not their parent!' Many step parents say they fear becoming the ‘wicked step mother/father' and because of that they find it hard to set limits and boundaries on step children's behavior. But the fact is you live with them and you can be respected as an adult and a contributor – regardless of whether you are related by blood or not.

Jealousy and the step parent

Jealousy can also play a big part in this relationship – from both sides. Despite yourself; you may sometimes feel resentful of the attention your step child receives from you partner or the amount of attention they seem to demand. You may feel jealous of what the step child represents which is of course a previous relationship of your partners. And your step child, in turn, may feel resentful, even bitter towards you for taking up, what may have been previously exclusive, attention from your partner.

How hypnosis can help

This hypnosis session will get you feeling wonderfully relaxed and calm. It will present new ways of feeling about your step child which will help you (and subsequently them) become more relaxed about the relationship as a whole.

Becoming a step parent is an opportunity for self-development and for investing in a relationship which can last for life.

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