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Vacation Mode – Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to get your mind into vacation mode in double quick time.


Vacation Mode – Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to get your mind into vacation mode in double quick time.

Back in the early 60s Cliff Richard's hit song Summer Holiday wonderfully encapsulated just what we all dream about when going on vacation, and what it's like to be in vacation mode:

    We're all going on a summer holiday,
    No more working for a week or two!
    Fun and laughter on a summer holiday,
    No more worries for me and you –
    For a week or two.

But how often have you found that the whole of that first week of your vacation (and sometimes a good part of the second) was anything but free of worries?

What get in the way of a good holiday

It's as if when you go on vacation you are somehow wrapped in dense layers of worries and pressures and deadlines and unfinished business and reports and your to do lists and email backing up and disputes and overflowing voicemails and responsibilities and meeting agendas and rivalries and who knows what all.

And by the time you've peeled them all off and begun to really relax… it's time to go back to work.

The serious consequences of a failure to relax

This kind of experiences negates the benefits that you are entitled to expect from your holiday time.

If you can't relax while you're away, if you constantly have the nagging feeling that you ‘should be doing something', your brain is prevented from going into the ‘downtime' state which is actually essential for your health and your well-being – not to mention your continued effective functioning at work!

Why has it become so hard to enjoy your vacation?

There are many reasons why we can find it difficult to get into vacation mode. The frantic pace of modern life, and in particular the 24-hour, ‘always on' communications we use, raises our stress levels and keeps them high.

This is contrary to nature. Our stress response evolved to deal with occasional stresses. The stress might be severe, but it will normally be relatively short-lived, and followed by periods of stability.

But the way we live now means we often have a much higher than normal level of stress hormones circulating in our bodies more or less continuously.

And when things go on continuously, we become habituated. We literally get used to that level of cortisol. When the level drops (on vacation, say), we experience withdrawal. It's no wonder we feel ‘weird' and can't relax!

What you can do to help yourself get in vacation mode – NOW

Fortunately, it is quite easy to get into vacation mode right from the start of your holiday when you know how!

Get Into Vacation Mode is an audio hypnosis session which packs a real punch. Using powerful hypnotic techniques, this deeply relaxing and invigorating session keys in to your unconscious mind – the part of you that runs what you might call all your ‘background operations' – to help you get unwinding before your holiday has even started.

Get Into Vacation Mode not only gets you relaxing really deeply in a shorter time than you would have believed possible, but also gives you practical suggestions for ways you can reduce the outside pressures that might impinge on your vacation. And once you have mastered the simple and powerful techniques for yourself, you can use them at any time to get you in vacation mode whenever it suits you.

Download Get Into Vacation Mode now and make sure there's no more worries for a week or two. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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