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Tension Headaches – Deep relaxation can lower blood pressure and relieve headaches quickly


Tension Headaches – Deep relaxation can lower blood pressure and relieve headaches quickly

Tension headaches are horrible. And if the pain wasn’t enough, they make it difficult to concentrate, often sabotaging you when you need your focus the most.

All the advice about relaxing your shoulders and neck is all very well, but it can be extremely difficult to remember when you have a busy life.

How hypnosis can help

Clinical hypnotherapy is based around deep relaxation, which leads to changes in blood pressure, muscle relaxation and altered brain activity.

There are now a good number of studies 1,2,3 that have shown the effectiveness of hypnosis at treating tension headaches and the success may well be due to these factors.

The Ease Tension Headaches hypnosis sessoin will relax you into a calm and pleasant state, which should begin to relieve your headache right away, and then provides you with suggestions to improve the conditions that may have lead to your headache in the first place.

If you have a headache right now, you can download ‘Ease Tension Headaches‘ now and expect relief within the first listening of the session. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

1 Treatment of Chronic Tension-type Headache With Hypnotherapy: A Single-blind Time Controlled Study

2 Autogenic training and self-hypnosis in the control of tension headache

3 Autogenic training and cognitive self-hypnosis for the treatment of recurrent headaches in three different subject groups

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