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Brain Power Series – Use the Brain Power series to discover what your mind’s capable of


Brain Power Series – Use the Brain Power series to discover what your mind's capable of

The Brain Power and Creativity Series is available to members of the Growth Zone, and contains the following brain-boosting hypnosis sessions:

  • Brain Building – build your confidence in your own brain's capacity and ability to perform incredible feats. Hypnotically direct your own brain's development.
  • Develop Super Concentration – hone your focus to a laser-like intensity so you never get distracted from your goal.
  • Super Memory and Recall – enhance your brain's astounding ability to store information, faces and names and bring them to mind just when you need them.
  • Make Creative Leaps – be the one who sees the possibilities when others don't, who extracts the value from seemingly dead-end situations, and solves problems with a flash of inspiration.
  • Find Your Vision – identify where you really want to go, and get there as fast as possible. Without a clear goal, you can push the accelerator to the floor, but you'll just be spinning your wheels.

Brain Power Series Hypno Pack has been purchased by 676 customers.

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