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Confident Delegating – Use hypnosis to develop the mindset you need


Confident Delegating – Use hypnosis to develop the mindset you need

Do you feel reluctant or awkward about delegating work to others?

Are you concerned about the negative impact of doing too much yourself?

We all have a fundamental need for a sense of control in our lives. It's easy to understand why many of us get this need met through our working lives. Having a job to do, doing it well, and then enjoying the sense of satisfaction of an honest day's work is one of the major rewards of your career. There's nothing wrong with this.

Giving away control

But it's not uncommon to find yourself in a position one day where it seems that you have to give away control – or at least, that's how it feels. People who are used to doing everything themselves, for instance, and are proud of it, can find it quite hard to pass work on to others. Even when they know, rationally, that passing on a few tasks is important.

Asking too much of others

Another common experience is feeling awkward about laying tasks, particularly potentially quite dull or repetitive tasks, on others. It can seem, when you do this, as if you are sending a signal that you consider the other person somehow inferior to you, rather than just focusing on tasks that need to be done and how best to ensure that they are done.

Asking too much of yourself

These and similar kinds of emotional factors can really get in the way of both effectiveness and efficiency. If you can't pass on responsibility appropriately, the long term result is a decline in the quality of output, both at a personal and a team level. And you can end up becoming seriously psychologically overburdened, with all the health risks that come with that.

So how can you really get to feel confident and at ease with sharing out the work?

Hypnosis can help you take control of letting go

Confident delegating is an audio hypnosis session that will help you overcome any internal emotional blocks that may be hindering you.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll quickly notice that;

  • you begin to feel more relaxed generally
  • you experience a deep internal shift taking place
  • you develop a broader and a deeper awareness of the true role of control in your life
  • you feel more and more at ease with the idea of passing on work to appropriate people
  • delegating becomes much easier and more comfortable
  • your personal effectiveness is noticeably enhanced.

Download Confident delegating and enjoy the benefits of a letting go effectively.

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