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Caring for the Terminally Ill – Get help during this difficult time with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session


Caring for the Terminally Ill – Get help during this difficult time with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session

It's not easy caring for a dying person – and it's much harder when you care about them as well. You want to help, but you may fear that something you say or do will further distress them. You may feel exhausted, but guilty about wanting respite for yourself.

However, you can make a difference to the quality of the final months, weeks and days of someone's life. Being calm enough and having the spare energy to help the dying person is what this session can give you.

Dying people have the same needs as everyone

Terminally ill people have the same emotional, physical and spiritual needs as everyone else. Everyone has the need for quality attention, intimacy, dignity, security, and a sense of control at least over some things.

A terminally ill person may worry more about being abandoned and disconnected from every day life. They may fear losing control over their body and lives or about being in overpowering pain or grief (terminally ill people can grieve the life they are leaving).

A person suffering terminal decline may worry about change in their appearance or tying up financial matters. They may be plagued by worries about people they will be leaving behind or what will happen to their possessions. They may want to talk about their life as a whole or what their life has ‘meant.' It's important to be able to listen calmly.

What dying people need most of all is to be cared about, not just cared for

Terminally ill patients need to have their emotions taken seriously, not brushed aside or minimized. It's normal for someone who is terminally ill to experience and express negative feelings such as anger and irritability, anxiety, fear and sadness. Their emotions are real, and they need to be respected, acknowledged and expressed.

A gentle touch can be wonderfully psychologically healing. Many dying people are comforted by caregivers who gently touch their arm or wrist, hold their hand, or hug them.

Keeping your own emotions together

If you care for a dying person then it's easy to feel overwhelmed by your own emotions. Letting them know how much they mean to you can be wonderful but if your emotional outpourings cause them (and you) greater distress then you need some control. This relaxing hypnotic session will help you feel more balanced and calm when you are with the dying person.

When you are calm you can apply more real compassion and practical support because you can think more clearly. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

Getting your needs met to better help them

Caring for someone with a terminal illness can be emotionally and physically exhausting. It can be too easy to focus entirely on the needs of the terminally ill person you are caring for and forget to look after yourself. But of course the better you look after yourself, the more rested you are the better able you are to care for the terminally ill person in your life.

You need to take care of yourself to care for the dying person to the best of your ability. By helping yourself you'll be helping them. You need to take regular relaxation breaks. Caring For a Terminally Ill Relative will help recharge your batteries getting you feeling refreshed and strong again when you become overwhelmed or exhausted.

Download Caring For a Terminally Ill Relative and help yourself help them better.

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