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What Others Think – Trust yourself more and start being yourself

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What Others Think – Trust yourself more and start being yourself

Do you worry what other people think and ignore your own opinion?  Do you find yourself trying to work out how other people will feel about a decision rather than considering your own point of view?

Of course we all need to consider other people to be decent and sensitive. But if we care too much what other people think we live by our imaginations of others thoughts! Do you really want to live like that?

To be a truly independent and self-confident person you need to start being more self-directed. What do you think? What do you want? What is your opinion?  When you start to care less what others think you'll start living your life not a dim reflection of what someone else thinks your life should be.

Other people often have it wrong!

The Beatles were initially rejected by music promoters, as late as the sixties many were still saying that putting a man on the moon was an impossibility. People laughed at Douglas Bader when he said he wanted to fly again after losing both legs after being shot down over Germany in WW2. Despite public opinion he went on to be one of the greatest flying aces. Did he care what others thought?

Public opinion is notoriously unreliable. Trust yourself more!

When you care too much what others think, you are open to manipulation because you will tend to go with the herd. When you care less what other people think, you become a more honest, decent, person because you don't have to pretend so much.

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