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Being Yourself Socially – How to relax and be yourself socially with the help of hypnosis

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Being Yourself Socially – How to relax and be yourself socially with the help of hypnosis

Do you find it hard to relax around others and allow yourself to be yourself?

Does it feel like you've always got to pretend and put on a ‘face' which isn't really ‘you'?

If you feel compelled to act in a certain way in order to meet what you think are other people's expectations, you can put yourself under a lot of strain. It means you have to keep monitoring what you are doing and saying, to check that you are ‘matching up'.

It's hard to relax. It's actually hard to pay proper attention to people around you, because you have to do this self-monitoring. And that makes it hard to relate to them.

It's all very exhausting and not much fun.

Being yourself is much more fun

But when you are feeling spontaneous, you feel more relaxed, you are aware more of others than yourself, and you can allow your communication to ‘flow' as you trust yourself to respond appropriately.

And this last point is really the most important.

The ability to trust yourself allows you to relax and really enjoy social situations, without having to watch everything you say, guessing how others will react, and wondering whether what you said is funny or not.

How hypnosis can quickly help you relax in social situations

Be Yourself Socially is a gentle yet powerful audio hypnosis session that will help you retrain your unconscious responses to social situations so that:

  • you feel quite relaxed socially
  • there is no pressure on you to ‘pretend'
  • you can express your opinions, your sense of humor, and your personality freely
  • you can chat away, without having to think about every word
  • you can be yourself, attracting others who like ‘the real you'.

Download Be Yourself Socially and enjoy being with others as yourself. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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