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Be Frugal – Break the habit of thoughtless spending and retrain your brain to make better decisions.


Be Frugal – Break the habit of thoughtless spending and retrain your brain to make better decisions.

Are you feeling the pinch? In the boom times, and if things are going well for you, it is all too easy to get carried away and cast frugality to the winds. But when times are hard, for the economy generally or for you personally, it's not at all easy to tighten that belt and knot those purse strings. The habits of free and easy spending can feel hard to break.

Being careful with money doesn't protect you from advertising

Even if you are a person who is quite careful with their money, you don't live on a desert island. Like the rest of us, you are surrounded by exhortations to buy more stuff and indulge in more pleasures. Not because you need these things, but because they will make you more attractive, younger, well-known, superior, etc. At least, that's what the advertisers want you to believe, and we want to believe them.

Avoiding the ‘discount' honey trap to save money

And when times get hard, these messages about spending don't go away. While you are wondering how to be more frugal, every shop on the street tries to tempt you with today's ‘special offer'. Those ‘discounts' are not charity. They are a trap – a honey trap. They are there to draw you into spending more than you really want to or can really afford. But they are disguised as ‘unmissable bargains'.

The mindset needed for true frugality

So when you know that you have to find ways to be more frugal and cut down your spending because your income or capital has reduced, you find yourself having to develop a whole new mindset. This is no easy thing. You may start out with the best of intentions, but when you unpack your shopping you can't help but recognize that you have bought more than you need, or have been unable to resist certain ‘luxury' items.

How hypnosis can help you control your spending

If you really want to make an impact on your spending levels, you need a ‘fast track' way to establish and maintain a frugal mindset. And there is no better way to do this than to use the power of hypnosis.

Be more frugal is an audio hypnosis session which utilizes therapeutic hypnotic states to allow you to quickly make powerful changes to habitual patterns of behavior. Even if you have never experienced hypnosis before, the structure of this session and the powerful hypnotic suggestions make it simple for you to initiate and maintain the changes that you want.

Listening to Be more frugal will allow you to enter a delightfully relaxed state of mental clarity – the ideal state in which to conduct a life review and ‘see things as they really are'. Setting and committing to a spending style in line with your circumstances will feel inevitable and natural – and easy to do.

Download Be more frugal and take full control of your purse.

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