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Cope With Financial Loss – Get the support you need to come to terms with your loss and start moving towards a more positive future
Investing Regrets – Learn from your mistakes and make future choices with a clear head with hypnosis
Fear of Spending Money – Find a healthy balance between saving for the future and using money to create enjoyable experiences in the present moment
Investing: Fear of Missing Out – Strike a healthy balance between risk and safety with the help of hypnosis
Currency Trading Mindset – Use hypnosis to develop the emotional, mental and intuitive skills you need to be a great trader
Embarrassed Rich – Gently realign your relationship to money so you can be wealthy without worry
Fear of Money – If you worry that a fear of money is holding you back, use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to take the brakes off your life
Financial Planning – Master the habits that will really help you with your wealth planning – with hypnosis
Be Debt Free – Use hypnosis to train your brain to move away from the idea of owing money
Overcome Affluenza – This gentle, permissive hypnosis session will help you escape the trap of buying more and more
Financial Worries – Stop thinking about financial worries all the time, when you should be relaxing
Be Frugal – Break the habit of thoughtless spending and retrain your brain to make better decisions.
Millionaire Mindset – Train your brain to think like a millionaire using hypnosis
Save Money – Let hypnosis help you develop the money-saving mindset and take control of your finances
Charge What You’re Worth – What are you worth? And are you charging fully for that worth?
Stop Impulse Buying – Hypnosis can help you buy what you need, not what you want