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Meditation Hypnosis – How to use hypnosis to prepare your mind for quiet, deep meditation


Meditation Hypnosis – How to use hypnosis to prepare your mind for quiet, deep meditation

Do you find annoying, unwanted thoughts prevent you from stilling your mind during your meditation?

Do concerns, worries and irrelevant ideas buzz around your head like mosquitoes?

During meditation your conscious awareness is called into play. You extend your consciousness onto something specific such as the flame of a candle, a mantra, the rhythm of the breath, or an overall awareness of the environment.

As you learn to meditate, many find their thoughts wandering around and refusing to be still.  Hypnosis can help prepare your mind for quiet, fulfilling meditation.

Differences between hypnosis and meditation

The goals of hypnosis and mediation are different although there are similarities. Meditation may be used as a general way of ‘stilling' the mind or as part of a wider spiritual system whereas hypnosis may be used more specifically to cure a phobia, stop nightmares and help lift the debilitating effects of depression.

Both states involve stilling parts of the mind so that other parts can become activated but meditation involves a little more conscious direction. In fact the lotus position (which, in my opinion is not the most relaxing way of sitting) may have originated to stop students going from a state of meditation into hypnosis.

The value of meditation

Meditation can help you become better at focusing your mind, become more objective and less swayed by the distortions of emotion and can also help your body to work better enabling immune function to increase and healing to speed up.

Disturbing thoughts are a familiar part of most people's meditation practice, especially when you are new to it. Hypnosis can help you prepare effectively for meditation – you can learn how to ‘bat away' unwanted thoughts, rise above them and have absolute focus during your meditation practice.

During this session you will learn at a deep unconscious level how to:

  • choose what you have in your mind
  • bat away unwanted, intrusive thoughts
  • achieve a meditative state more easily
  • extend this ability to calm your mind into other parts of your life,

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