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New Dad –


New Dad –

Becoming a first time father nowadays is pretty daunting. In the old days, it was all ‘women's work'. Now a new dad is expected to be a ‘new man' – all loving and caring and supportive as well as handy with the nappies.

But what if you don't feel ready, or ‘qualified' for your new position in life? There you are, with a huge responsibility for this new bundle of life, but who's looking at you? Becoming a parent for the first time is just as momentous for the new dad as for the mum – but all the attention is on the mother and baby. The new dad is often just left to get on with it.

The new father's world is turned upside down

Entering fatherhood for the first time demands a lot of changes from you. You have to switch your mindset from ‘regular guy' to ‘dad', for instance. And you may notice you are not getting enough sleep and that your sex life has gone out of the window for a while.

Suddenly you need oodles of patience. Patience when your new baby cries for no reason you can discover. Or wakes you up in the middle of the night. Or demands attention from mum just as you are about to settle down for an intimate evening. Patience, a level head and calm coping is what you need when you become a new father.

The joys of new fatherhood

Fortunately, becoming a new father is a great adventure. The early days may seem a little tough (did I mention the patience bit?). You may feel less naturally ‘connected' to your baby and might even feel a bit like a spare part.

But it's not so much what you are right now (although you're far more important than you might think), it's what you are going to be to your son or daughter in the future as they set out on their journey in life.

Developing the mindset to grow as a new dad

Becoming a New Father will help you access your instinctive resources and strengths – some of which you may never have known you had. You will be able to relax amid the new pressures and demands and learn to revel in your role, present and future. Becoming a New Father will really help you build your confidence as a first time father.

Download Becoming a New Father now and begin to make the most of a wonderful new relationship.

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