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You’re Worth It – Hypnosis can help you discover how external changes can reveal that you’re worth it and help you rediscover your true value as a person


You’re Worth It – Hypnosis can help you discover how external changes can reveal that you're worth it and help you rediscover your true value as a person

Have you been feeling down on yourself and like you don't deserve good things?

Have you perhaps become a bit neglectful of yourself and how you look, or of your home and personal space?

It's a sad fact that lots of things can take the joy out of life and get you feeling pretty negative about yourself and the world. As human beings, we all have a number of basic emotional needs, beyond the purely physical.

We need, for instance, a feeling of security, a way to be involved with others, something to feel proud of, challenges to make us grow and develop, friendships and intimacy. Without these, we suffer.

Life is unpredictable and at any time you can find that one or more of these needs isn't being well met. You can survive that easily enough for a time. But if it goes on for too long, it can grind you down, and change your view of yourself.

You can come to feel that you don't deserve these things. And then you can actually start making it harder for yourself, and deliberately deprive yourself of opportunities to feel good.

Why do you stop feeling that you're worth it?

It's a very human thing to do. When things aren't going well, and we feel we cannot fix them, we look for a way to explain it to ourselves. And taking the blame is a popular explanation. “If my life isn't great, it must be because I'm no good, and I don't deserve it.” It all seems to make sense.

However, you've probably noticed that thinking like this gets you caught in a vicious circle. Feelings of worthlessness mean that you avoid doing things that might make you feel good. And if you never allow yourself to feel good, or look good, it's even harder to address the problems that you face. So you don't. And then they tend to get worse. And you think you're even more worthless. And so on.

After a while, it feels like it's impossible to change any more. Like you're stuck with it.

But you're not. There is an amazingly simple way to break out of that vicious circle.

How hypnosis can help you make a change

You're Worth It is an audio hypnosis session created by experienced psychologists that uses powerful hypnotic suggestions to help you:

  • relax very profoundly in a way that completely reinvigorates you
  • discover that you can easily take a whole new view on your life
  • identify a number of simple, practical, doable things that will automatically change how you feel
  • get highly motivated to take action on what you've discovered
  • feel really good as you begin to see the real life results of this simple yet powerful process

Download You're Worth It and discover how to make changes you didn't know were possible. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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