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Not Invited to Party – A hypnotic story to help a child deal with being left out


Not Invited to Party – A hypnotic story to help a child deal with being left out

Is your child upset because they aren't invited to parties?

Are you concerned about the effect this might have on them?

Learning to negotiate the social jungle is one of the challenges of childhood. It's natural for children to form groups, gangs, and clubs, and devise all kinds of ‘rules' about who is ‘in' and who is ‘out'. This can be painful for any child who finds themselves ‘out'. They don't yet have the emotional maturity and insight to deal with such experiences.

But how can you help your child cope without making ‘too big a deal' of this very common experience?

Kids love stories, and stories are a great way for them to learn about the world. Stories give them a set of ‘templates' through which they can process their world. A story that subtly matches their experience and shows them different ways to handle it can make a huge difference to a child.

And that's why a specific story may be the best way to help them.

A hypnotic story is a brilliant learning tool

Kids – Not invited to a party is an audio download created especially for young children. As they listen to the adventures of the little heroine, they will pick up the underlying pattern that will help them deal with their own social challenges with more confidence and ease, without worrying too much that not everyone is their best friend.

Download Kids – Not invited to a party and help your child on their own road to maturity.

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