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Hypnosis Induction – The best way to learn about hypnosis induction is to go into trance listening to a detailed explanation


Hypnosis Induction – The best way to learn about hypnosis induction is to go into trance listening to a detailed explanation

Do you sometimes wonder how skilled hypnotherapists manage to induce deep hypnosis in a subject while just ‘chatting’ to them?

Would you like to be able to conversationally hypnotize others, or use self hypnosis more easily yourself for relaxation or more?

Most people feel there’s a lot of mystery about hypnosis, as though a hypnotist could just walk up to you, look you in the eye, and say “Sleep!” and you’d fall into a deep hypnotic trance on the spot.

Of course, it’s in the interests of stage hypnotists to foster this sense of mystery, and convince you that they have a special ‘power’ which you cannot resist.

Your brain doesn’t need to learn about self hypnosis induction

The truth is more mundane, but also actually more astounding. The real ‘power’ of trance is inside your own brain. Your brain continually produces ‘trance states’.

The best known ones are daydreaming and the elaborate dreams we produce at night. But there are many others. When you ‘induce’ hypnosis, or self hypnosis, you are deliberately activating the brain’s natural ability to go into trance, and directing it.

Stage hypnotists trade on the ‘surprise’ element. When something unexpected happens, your brain (of course) locks on to it and instantly shuts down attention to other aspects of your current reality.

It’s as if you ‘don’t know what hit you’. This is a perfectly valid way to induce trance and has therapeutic value in certain cases, but it is not the ideal way to get to understand how you go into trance. If you’re interested in a self hypnosis induction, there are better ways to go about it.

A hypnotic way to learn about hypnosis

You will gain a much better understanding of the process of hypnotic induction by voluntarily allowing yourself to experience what happens to you when you sit quietly and listen to a skilled hypnotherapist tell you all about induction in such a way as to induce hypnosis as they do so.

The Learn About Hypnosis Induction is an audio self hypnosis session created by hypnotherapists for the purpose of teaching you about hypnosis while inducing a trance.

Each time you listen, you will find yourself

  • entering trance more quickly and easily
  • developing a deeper state of relaxation and inner focus
  • understanding more of the subtleties of analogy and mirroring
  • effortlessly learning how to use language patterns and voice modulation
  • experiencing different hypnotic phenomena

Download Learn About Hypnosis Induction and learn something really useful. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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