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Rewind Technique Training – This remarkable technique will enable you to spot this destructive force and treat it quickly (often within one session), freeing your client to make rapid progress*


Rewind Technique Training – This remarkable technique will enable you to spot this destructive force and treat it quickly (often within one session), freeing your client to make rapid progress*

Trapped Women

Every practitioner knows that trauma is a part of many problems. But very few know to what extent, and more importantly, how to treat trauma quickly.

And if you treat people with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) or severe phobias, you'll know these are among the worst things to live with.

But it's not just PTSD. (As if that weren't enough.)

Sad Woman

Depression, anxiety conditions, obsessive thoughts, OCD, addictions and substance abuse – all these problems and more are often ‘powered' by hidden trauma.

So when you've got a client whose depression you just can't lift, an addiction that just won't shift, or anxiety that keeps coming back no matter what you do, it's worth considering that a trauma may be driving it.

And then, when you know trauma is present, what do you do about it?

Since the first World War, psychologists and psychiatrists have been trying to treat trauma in a myriad of frightening ways:

  • having sufferers relive the trauma again and again, making the symptoms worse not better
  • using critical incident stress debriefing as a standard practise for helping emergency services deal with traumatic experiences in the line of duty
  • inducing diabetic comas via insulin injection
  • using anti-anxiety or anti-depression drugs for years with no improvements.

And of course using cognitive therapy to treat trauma is nigh-on impossible – that's like trying to tether a raging bull with sewing thread.

So what treatment does work for trauma?

To understand this, we need to first see exactly what trauma is. So let's get back to basics.

What exactly is happening when someone has a traumatic flashback? For example, a soldier who has been in a war zone is walking down the street and a car backfires. Instantly he feels as if he's back in the front line and reacts as if a bomb has just gone off nearby.

Soldier Walking

But he knows he's on a normal street, so what is going on? It's as if he never took off his combats. His brain has ‘pattern matched' the backfire to being similar to the sound of gunfire or explosions and triggered the ‘fight or flight' response in him. He is flooded with adrenaline and his overwhelming instinct is to run.

In his brain there is what we call a ‘global pattern' for loud bangs, created by the focusing effect of the terror he experienced in battle. This is very different to the pattern you and I have for it, which will make us jump but once our brain figures out what caused the bang, it steps down the alert procedure.

However, this global pattern in the ex-soldier's brain has no context to it (in other words, it doesn't matter where he is when the sound occurs, or what else is going on around him). His brain has decided that this sound is so closely linked to potential death that it warrants being a global pattern that goes off at the slightest provocation.

So our job as a practitioner is to turn this global pattern back into a contextualized one. Or in other words, to stop his brain setting off the alarm when he hears a bang.

We need the soldier to be able to hear a car backfire as just that.

But how can we do this when traumatic memories are so powerful?

Anyone who has ever treated a traumatized person knows that even talking about the traumatic incident can catapult them into a highly emotional state.

And once they're highly emotional again, you can do nothing until they calm down.

So this tells us that we have to somehow approach the memory without them becoming emotional.

And this is where the Rewind Technique comes in.

Although it seems almost too simple, the Rewind is a precision instrument.

Sleeping Tiger

When you're dealing with a traumatic memory, you need to approach it carefully and quietly, like tiptoeing up to a sleeping tiger.

Roaring Tiger

The structure of the Rewind and the language used is precisely designed to hold the client in a specific relationship to the memory so that it can be re-processed by the technique and contextualized. This way, as we explained above, it can stop being a global pattern firing off alarms all over the place, so there are no roaring tigers in your therapy session.

And the beautiful thing about the Rewind Technique is that you don't even need to know any detail about the traumatic memory – so it is highly respectful to the client.

The Rewind Technique Course

Mark Tyrrell

My company Uncommon Knowledge has been training practitioners in how to use the Rewind Technique for many years. We did this for 10 years as part of our professional level diploma course taught from a university in the UK, and subsequently through our online training course. Our online course is recognized by the Red Poppy Company, an organization dedicated to enabling traumatized war veterans to get access to fast, effective treatment.

Community of Like Minded People

We have created a new format for the course, a combination of video, live calls and home study materials in a lovely online space called Uncommon U which we created specifically to make online learning easy and enjoyable.

Join a community of like-minded people

Throughout the course you'll be able to converse with your fellow delegates, discuss cases with them or myself, review and repeat any material as you feel necessary, and ask questions on the live calls. (If you prefer you can email in your questions and I'll address them on the calls).

We guarantee the course's effectiveness

You've already heard just what a lifesaver the Rewind Technique is. Which is why I am so keen to get as many practitioners trained in it as possible. And I believe that once you've completed the course, you'll feel exactly the same. When you get that first call from a client whose traumatic symptoms have lifted, you'll know just what I mean. But I understand that this is a serious investment, and you need to know that it is going to be worth it, so the only thing I can really do to take the pressure off you is give you this guarantee.

Image of Refund Guarantee

I promise you will be astonished at the results you get treating your next 3 traumatized clients after completing the course. And that they will feel much better after a single session. You are the judge. If you don't agree this is the case, simply ask and I'll refund you. You see, I really want as many practitioners to know the Rewind Technique as possible. PTSD and phobias are terrible things to live with, and it is so unnecessary. We can join together to contribute to doing something about this terrible loss of potential. I hope this gives you the peace of mind you need to go ahead and book your place now.

What's included in the Rewind Technique course?

Course Contents Sidebar

  • Instant access to Uncommon U – read course materials, watch videos and gain access to the livetew calls, plus private commenting areas where you can discuss the course, clients and ideas with myself and other course delegates.
  • Course materials on CD – sent with your course notes book if you chose the Digital & Physical option, this CD contains all the audio and written materials from the course.
  • Comprehensive course notes – 91 pages in book format, sent to you by post if you buy the Digital & Physical option and also available online.
  • Full word-by-word Rewind Technique Script – providing the full Rewind Technique structure for a client session, which can be modified as your confidence and experience of the technique grows with each client.
  • Checklist before practise – the essentials pared down for a quick memory boost.
  • Live Q&A calls with Mark Tyrrell where you can ask questions, either live or by email. We also record these for you to download in case you can't make the live call, and they're available as mp3 downloads the following day.
  • Your client questions answered – the collective Uncommon Knowledge brain will work on your single most pressing trauma client problem for you, either in Uncommon U or in private by email.
  • Self test quizzes to embed your knowledge.
  • Certificate of completion – On successful completion of the course, you will receive a personalized certificate.

Image of snake phobia cure dvd cover with disc


  • Live Snake Phobia Cure DVD (value $75) – Watch Mark Tyrrell treat a man with a snake phobia using the Rewind Technique.

BONUS: Trauma and Phobia Client Attractor Pack

So you've done the course and you're ready to quickly treat trauma and phobias. You've had a few clients and you're amazed at the success you've had.

But how do you tell the world (or, at least, your community) that you can successfully treat trauma and phobias?

Well, we're here to help. As a bonus, everyone who does the Rewind Technique course, will receive a FREE Client Attractor Pack.

Ready made marketing materials to bring clients into your practice

Client Attractor Pack Images

We know how difficult marketing can be. According to the surveys we've done and the discussions we've had with our therapist friends, that's one area that people said they had particular trouble with. We've heard time and time again that they'd prefer to focus on their clients, not on continually drumming up business.

But once you get the resources you need from the Client Attractor Pack, you'll be able to boost the numbers of clients coming through your door.

The Client Attractor Pack contains:

  • Postcard layout
  • Business card layout
  • Phone script to convert enquirers to clients
  • Content for your website
  • Attract, convince and convert clients better than any trauma treatment practitioner in your area.

When does the course start?

The Rewind Technique course starts immediately. During this time, you can take the course at your own pace, although we do ask you to reach certain stages in time for the Q&A calls.

Do I need to know hypnosis to take the course?

To use the Rewind, you will need some experience of using your voice to relax your clients. I believe this is an invaluable skill because relaxation is so valuable in treating anxiety-based conditions.

So to help those of you who weren't taught voice-based relaxation as part of your training, you can get our Uncommon Hypnotherapy course for $100 off as part of your course booking.

Testimonials from our previous delegates*

Robin Aston

Just finished and passed the Rewind Technique course. I used the technique on my first client today and got amazing results. My client is German, married to an American, living in the United States. Since her childhood, she has been almost phobic about writing in public, afraid that others will know she's not from here and think her strange. We did the Rewind Technique about her fear and in one session her compulsive ruminating about writing is gone. When she imagines writing in front of someone she now reports to feel calm and in control.

Also received my pocketwatch. I love it and my clients think it's so funny to be hanging next to my chair. They all seem to know the significance!

Thank you so much for the excellent trainings and fast support!

Robin Aston, certified mediator, live coach, and hypnotherapist, Maine, USA.

Margaret Culliton

I really enjoyed the rewind course and all the extra information that was included. I liked the information presented and the general approach as well as the rewind technique. I am getting some results with the primal needs assessment and some of the other information presented along with the course. I think it will be helpful for a lot more than just clients who are appropriate for the rewind technique.

Margaret Culliton, Family Physician, Corner Brook, NL, Canada.

Claire Cleaver

I already knew about this type of technique from my NLP days and had used it previously with mixed results, and at the end of the day I was not happy with it and discounted it as useful. One of my supervisees did your course but was reluctant to use it as she felt too unskilled. It piqued my interest to find out more about it. I am delighted that I learnt the technique and have had some effective results thus far with my clients.

One particular client's issue was one of distrust of her partner and was complicated by other issues of his own that he was seeing a separate counsellor for. Despite our best efforts in counselling, she could not ‘shake off' the old distrust that would get frequently triggered by his behaviour.

I decided that the Rewind Technique could be a suitable fit for her. She accessed three very different memories from where her feelings of distrust of men exhibiting certain types of behaviour had arisen from. We did the SUD's at the beginning of the session but I forgot to do it at the end. However, her relief and demeanour at the end of the session were so markedly different and relaxed, it seemed superfluous. Next time.

I think it is safe, effective and respectful to the client. I was nervous that the 3 memories process would be perhaps too repetitious, however my clients have said they liked the predictability that is built up for them over the 3 memories, which I think builds a kind of mastery of confidence and hopeful expectation for their best results. I feel more skilled and supported in using this technique with my clients.

Claire Cleaver, Therapist, Sydney, Australia.

Lura Carey

The Rewind course from Uncommon Knowledge was well worth the cost. It has increased the value I now offer my trauma clients. I can now provide trauma treatment with increased speed of relief and ease their effort in the process.

The second client with whom I used Rewind had come into see me due to a sexual assault from about 4 years earlier. She knew that she needed to work on this issue but just to mention that she had “something from my past” caused her to shut down in terror with her fists pushed into her mouth and her eyes flung wide open. So we had been moving very gently working to establish safety for her. When I finally felt comfortable using Rewind (and I still used the script), we rewound her sexual assault successfully and she sat amazed, and dazed at the ease of the process, in my office. She is very grateful that this is no longer a living terror in her daily life and I am grateful for such a successful tool to use with my clients.

Thank you Uncommon Knowledge.

Lura Carey, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Registered Nurse, Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Clive Girdham

Here is my latest testimonial from a client after I did the Rewind that I learnt from UNK. It's now my bread and butter and I could add so many more like this:

‘For many years I had an intense fear of flying that stopped me from travelling and when I did, it would be a terrible experience of anxiety and panic attacks. After meeting with Clive, I flew all the way from Sydney, Australia to New York, which takes around 23 hours, without the usual terror and it went so well that I'm already planning my next overseas flight! Clive's methods are effective and can prepare you for any situation that may usually cause anxiety or stress. Thank you very much Clive!'

Testimonials like this literally lift your heart.

Clive Girdham, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sydney, Australia.

(Scroll down to read even more testimonials from our Rewind Technique course delegates.)

Here's the detail on how it works:

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn the Rewind Technique. Many of our delegates are novices with computers yet perfectly comfortable within our online training area Uncommon U.

Here's how it all works…

  1. You access the course by clicking the ‘Enroll now' button at the bottom of the page.
  2. You get immediate access to the course materials, including a welcome video from myself as course leader, and access to the comments section where you can introduce yourself to your fellow delegates.
  3. You can begin Session 1 immediately, during which you learn about the cause and treatment of PTSD and phobic states. You listen to the audio lecture for the session and download the materials.
  4. You move on to Session 2, after which there is a short test. Once that is complete, you move on to Session 3 and complete the test for that.
  5. As you go along, you ask any questions you have in the comments boxes you'll find on every page, or save them up for the Q&A calls.
  6. You dial in for the first Q&A call and get to ‘meet' other practitioners on the course or you wait until after the call and download the audio to listen to at your convenience.
  7. You continue through the course in this fashion until you have completed all 3 Session tests and the Q&A calls.
  8. You receive your certificate through the post from us.
  9. You continue to have access to the course materials online for one year.

Testimonials from our previous delegates

These testimonials from our previous delegates expand fully on how the Rewind Technique has been applied in practice, from war veterans, victims of emotional, sexual or physical abuse, and phobias of many different flavours.

Alvin Baldovino

Thank you so much for this video and for teaching this course. I just met with someone a few days ago, and used the Rewind Technique to help her get over a painful memory. She was very grateful for the experience! She said that it was a burden that she has carried for more than five years and that she had tried so many things to get over it before – retreats, spiritual direction, counseling, psychotherapy. She said for the first time (after going through the Rewind Technique) she finally felt that she was free. 🙂

Thank you Mark, your work is helping a lot of people. In different parts of the world.

Alvin Baldovino, NLP Practitioner & Meta-Coach, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Juna Brookes

I absolutely enjoyed listening to the Rewind Technique in a ‘listen to session 2 lecture'. I had quite a traumatic experience of not passing my driving test for the second time and it felt so bad after both especially second experience that I felt I needed to try this technique on myself. While Mark was talking about imagining having breakfast I actually had the test in my mind. I started to cry immediately on a first fast forward circle as it felt so real and hurtful/disappointing and on the rewind part I felt so dramatically different: light, strong and confident after. It felt like a miracle in my head has happened and made me fully believe in the magic qualities of this technique, which I now use in my practice. Thanks a million!

Juna Brookes, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Leeds, UK.

Mark Marsland

On Tuesday I had the blessing of working with a deeply traumatised client who presented with low self esteem, violent mood swings and anxiety with occasional panic attacks. This client had suffered constant verbal and physical abuse over a period spanning just over 10 years. Although she had tried talking therapies the actual cause of the trauma had never been addressed.

She actually thought she had dealt with the issues and they did not bother her, her initial consultation she thought was around PMT but as I gently questioned and unpicked her problems my gut feeling told me they we're connected to something much deeper. Once it was clear, tears flowed freely in a very positive way, I reassured her this was a good thing and actually a sign that these emotions and trauma had not been dealt with, how they were actually putting the brakes on her life still and how wonderful did she think she would feel to not have them weighing her down so she could fly again and truly be herself once more.

So without her going into too much detail, keeping her calm and relaxed, we pinpointed three key times from the beginning, middle and end of those ten years as the pointers we would use for the Rewind Technique … I had identified her main modalities and used these for her special place, which was a local beauty spot she loved and often walked round. She had quite a problem allowing me to guide her, as she had a block with being directed and being looked at by a male directly linked to past trauma … I gently coaxed her using neutral terminology along the lines of how nice it would feel to allow her eyes to close and she was in total control of her journey into wonderful, beautiful, deep, healing relaxation. Once she closed her eyes and was taking those deep breaths she relaxed very quickly, she was able to see the TV screen hovering above her, which is where she put it and through the double dissociation see herself calmly watching the screen, fast forwarding and then floating back into her special place, then into the screen and on super fast rewind through all three key events, to a point just before and just after when all was calm and normal once more.

Well what can I say other then WOW!!! When I reoriented her it was obvious we had unhooked the tether to that past trauma, she was visibly much calmer and laughing as she sang a song her tormentor used to tap out on a wall and sing to summon her to him, this was a song she could not bear to hear. Seeing her so happy and changed actually had a very strong emotional impact on me as I was visibly chocked too. It was an incredibly profound, powerful and positive experience.

I qualified way back in 1988 at 21 years of age, running my practise for 18 months, I was told at that time I was the UK's youngest qualified and practising Hypnotherapist. I got the chance to play American Football in the states at collegiate level and for some reason never picked up the reigns again, though the interest remained. I requalified 2 years ago with Chrysalis through Notts University but was still trying to cling to the outdoor sports environment I had run a successful business in but was forced to step away from. I was doubting my abilities even though I had been put forward for a distinction and more course tutor very kindly emailed me when I did not get that distinction to say I was the most naturally gifted Hypnotherapist she had seen in 15 years of practicing and teaching, her words meant way more then that distinction, yet still I held back!

Well 2016 is the year I launch my new practice and let people know that I am here to help them gain positive lasting change in their lives. Thanks to you Mark and your superb training materials not only am I confident that this will help change the lives of many people I am blessed to work with but that it is indeed my true calling, along with motivational speaking and writing beautiful words for beautiful people. If you are reading this and are unsure about taking that step into the unknown or wrestling with self doubt in your own abilities, then please use me as an example or PM me so we can share our journey together as we lift, heal and inspire those around us. We can't move forward looking back but we MUST accept the responsibility we have been gifted to help others with such life changing tools.

Thanks again Mark and Roger, you will find me asking many questions and contributing here frequently to better myself and help others on their journey also … Uncommon you most certainly are … I look forward to taking more courses on that quest to be an exceptional practitioner.

Mark Marsland, Hypnotherapist/life/sports coach and motivational speaker, Lincoln, England.

Kerry Jeffery

I completed the Rewind course over a year ago and it's been a huge benefit to my clients. I tend to work with people who have experienced past abuse and the Rewind Technique has really helped to relieve their trauma. I have almost completed the How to Lift Depression Fast course now, as sudden onset health issues put me out of the picture for most of last year. I have a diploma and certificate in hypnotherapy along with a background in psychology and have been self employed for three years now as a counsellor, life coach, and hypnotherapist.

I have found the courses at Unk to be so much better in terms of content than those I paid $1000's for. The course content and materials are excellent and very detailed and the courses are structured in such a way that the information is easy to learn and implement. Highly recommended.

It's great to learn skills that you can start implementing straight away instead of just theory.

Kerry Jeffery

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