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Test Result Anxiety –


Test Result Anxiety –

Waiting for results whether academic exam results or medical test results can cause huge anxiety. The powerful desire to know the outcome is magnified by the impossibility of knowing. And people often say that not knowing is the worst thing.

We humans dislike uncertainly. We like things to be clear, wrapped up with certainty and completed.

Not knowing the outcome of results that are important to your future can be hard to handle. Yet leaning to deeply relax with the uncertainties of life is such a hugely life enhancing skill.

The mischievous imagination

When we don't know something our imagination tries to fill in the gap. For example if we hear a loud noise outside late at night, instead of waiting to find out what it is, our imagination kicks in and we to try to fill the information gap before we actually know anything. This is the opposite to relaxing with events until you have something real to deal with.

The trouble is what we imagine may be wide of the mark and actually scare us. When we feel emotional because of what we imagine we tend to blindly believe our emotions. So we might imagine the sound in the street is a gun going off yet later discover it was a car back firing.

Waiting for Test Results will help you get better at relaxing with uncertainly and stop you prematurely filling the information gap with imagination and anxieties. When you stop scaring yourself about test results then life becomes so much more comfortable again. Download Waiting for Test Results now and relax with the uncertainty.

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