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Creative Writing Hypnosis – Unlock the creative magic of your unconscious mind


Creative Writing Hypnosis – Unlock the creative magic of your unconscious mind

Did you know that creative writing hypnosis will transform what and how (and even why) you write?

Did you know that the unconscious mind is the greatest muse any writer can have?

When you unleash the true creativity hidden within that part of your mind that's outside of your conscious rational control, you'll be amazed at the variety and number of inventive ideas that start to pour from you. People who've taken up this way of approaching their writing often say that new ideas flow so thick and fast it can be a struggle to keep up.

Creative writing and the ‘flow' state

This is possible because, when you know how to let go of all outside concerns and give yourself entirely to the writing task in hand, you enter that amazing mental state known as ‘flow'. This is where everything you do comes easily. And naturally. And inevitably – almost as if it was destined to be like that. Just imagine what it will be like to be writing like that.

But your unconscious mind can do even more for you as a writer. Something you might not be expecting at all.

As well as inspiring you to reach undreamed of creative heights in your writing (won't that be wonderful!), it can also give you something vital that every writer needs, but often doesn't want.

A critic.

Don't like the sound of that?

Every writer needs a good critic – and so do you

That's because you're thinking of ‘critics' as other people who are likely to say unkind things about the precious work you've devoted so much time and energy to. People who write reviews in magazines and newspapers and online, and who don't care one bit about how hard you worked or what sacrifices you made to do it.

But this is not the kind of critic your unconscious mind will give you.

Your inner critic, when you connect with and listen to them, is able to take full account of everything you have given to your work and able to be completely dispassionate in their analysis of the resulting piece, whether this is a short story, a poem, a novel, a play, an essay or any other piece of writing. In other words, this critic is truly on your side. Where you want them to be.

And how do you get all this?

Hypnosis is a powerful way to release your true creativity

Creative writing hypnosis is a powerful audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you develop the two core skills that will transform your writing.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you:

  • Find yourself entering ‘flow' more and more often when you are writing
  • Often lose track of time and fail to notice external events because you get so deeply involved with what you are writing
  • Experience an uprush of creative ideas and expressions
  • Can readily move from the ‘productive' to the ‘analytic' state and back when appropriate
  • Sense yourself really growing and developing as a writer as you use this process more and more
  • Really enjoy your writing more than ever before.

Download Creative writing hypnosis and set your muse free.

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