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Stop Children Bedwetting – A hypnotic story can gently help a child to gain control


Stop Children Bedwetting – A hypnotic story can gently help a child to gain control

Are you wondering what's the best way to stop children bedwetting?

Is your child becoming distressed about the fact that the bed is wet every morning?

Nocturnal enuresis, to give it its medical name, is natural in young children. As they grow, they first gain day-time bladder control, and gradually they also become able to sleep through the night without having to urinate. This usually happens without any special ‘training'. It's natural for humans to acquire control over their bladder functions in time, and you don't have to do anything special to make sure it happens.

Of course, it's sensible to make sure that a child goes to the bathroom before going to bed, and that they don't drink anything, especially anything caffeinated, too close to bedtime, and that they go straight to the bathroom when they wake up in the morning. This sets a regular pattern which the bodily functions can easily adapt to, in their own time.

Why you sometimes have to seek help to stop children bedwetting

Problems can arise, however, if too much attention is given to the matter. If a child is told off for having a wet bed, for instance, they can become anxious about it. Raised stress levels reduce our ability to control functions, and this is especially so in young children. And if comparisons are made with other children who are already dry at night, a child can feel inferior, which will also make them feel stressed.

At this point, parents and child can get caught in a repeating cycle, where anxiety about what might happen actually induces it to happen. And the search for solutions and treatment for bedwetting begins.

So what can be done to stop it without making things worse? It is probably already clear to you that simply telling a child to ‘try not to do it' just doesn't work.

How hypnosis can help bring on those dry nights

Stop children bedwetting is an audio download story for children created by psychologists experienced in dealing with children's problems. It tells the story of a little boy called Thomas who was really no good at sports, and how he discovered that he was much more capable than he thought while on a magical space-ship adventure in the night.

The story makes no mention whatever of bedwetting, but conveys its message through parallels, while engaging the listener in an entertaining (and informative) tale that any child will enjoy. This indirect approach is a highly effective way to bring about change at the unconscious level – which is what is needed for nighttime bladder control.

Download Stop children bedwetting and give your child the pleasure of a great story that could also transform their lives.

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