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Resist Temptation – How to use hypnosis to stop tempting distractions dragging you off track


Resist Temptation – How to use hypnosis to stop tempting distractions dragging you off track

Do you get frustrated by how hard it is to resist temptation and stick with what you've resolved to do?

Are you beating yourself up for being weak-willed and indecisive?

It is said the “road to hell is paved with good intentions”. It perfectly encapsulates the experience we've all shared where we honestly and sincerely commit to following some important course of action, only to find that in a moment of weakness we have allowed ourselves to be tempted into doing something that totally negates or undermines our commitment.

Nobody's perfect – everybody finds it hard to resist temptation

We're all human, and fallible, and nobody is going to get it 100% right all the time. But even if you can forgive yourself for the occasional lapse, it can be dispiriting to realize just how often you succumb to the distractions and dalliances that seem to lie all around you.

It makes no difference whether the matter at issue is small or great. It makes no difference whether it's a question of one more piece of cake, or picking up and pocketing those notes that have fallen from your colleague's wallet, or another hundred on the gaming table, or agreeing to a illicit meeting that will break your partner's heart.

No matter the size, it's still about straying from the path that you yourself have chosen.

How come we get so readily tripped by these lures, even though we know that we will not be happy with the consequences?

How we get caught by temptation

Well, temptation works by shutting down time. When it's right there in front of you, your attention narrows and narrows until it only has room for the present moment. All past failures and regrets are forgotten.

All fears for the future simply vanish. There is only now and the satisfaction that you feel and believe will come from surrendering to the impulse. When there is nothing else, it makes perfect sense to succumb.

It's only afterwards, when time returns, that you wake up to what has happened. It's not a pleasant awakening.

How can you prevent your ‘time window' from being shut down without your consent, cutting you off from the long-term perspective you need if you are to keep your commitments to yourself and others?

How hypnosis can help you boost your ability to resist

Resist Temptation is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that uses powerful hypnotic techniques to equip you to counteract the pull of indulgence and stay true to your chosen path.

Listening repeatedly to this session will allow you to combine your conscious will to follow your plan with enhanced unconscious ability to protect yourself from self-sabotage. Each time you listen, you will strengthen and enhance your power to

  • keep the ‘big picture' in view no matter what is going on
  • hold fast to values and principles that matter to you
  • see through the deceptions of instant gratification
  • keep your commitment burning fiercely
  • feel true pride and fulfillment in what you achieve

Download Resist Temptation now and make sure you are getting what you really want out of life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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