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Remember Your Phone – Use hypnosis to program yourself never to forget your phone again


Remember Your Phone – Use hypnosis to program yourself never to forget your phone again

How often do you fail to remember your phone when you're getting ready to go somewhere?

What a pain! So much of life depends on having that mobile phone with you at all times. All your contacts are on it. All your messages. Your photos. Not to mention, nowadays, the all-important social networks that you frequent. And yet you still manage to leave it behind and find yourself cut off! And nobody can reach you either. (OK, sometimes that's good, but you should be choosing when to be out of touch!)

The cost of leaving your phone behind

Of course, it's not too bad if you've left it safely on your bedside table at home, or in your desk drawer at work. Highly inconvenient for a few hours, but at least you'll get it back again. That's not so certain if you've put it down in a restaurant, or left it on the counter in a shop. And then you have all that hassle of having to get a new phone, and tracking down all your contacts and pleading (again!) for their numbers.

But in all honesty, what can you really do to ensure that you never go out the door without this essential bit of kit?

There is a way.

Hypnosis is a fast and reliable way to train your brain

Remember your phone is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that makes it easy for you to quickly train your brain to instinctively check for your phone whenever you are going anywhere.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you

  • quickly devise a fully customized ‘phone trigger'
  • learn how to set and fire your trigger automatically (and appropriately)
  • establish a reliable set of phone management routines
  • no longer forget to pick up your phone before you go anywhere

Download Remember your phone and be in charge of being in touch.

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