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Portion Control – Unconsciously know when enough is enough on your plate with hypnosis


Portion Control – Unconsciously know when enough is enough on your plate with hypnosis

Portion control can play a significant role in achieving your health and weight goals. You may already be eating all the right foods and taking appropriate exercise.

But if you still find yourself carrying excess weight, it could be because you are simply consuming too much. Portion control can make a big difference.

Good portion control won't just make you slimmer – it gives you more energy. Eating the right amount will mean your body actually has to work less hard to digest unnecessary excess food.

Portion control is about the right amount of food

Quantity is as important as quality when it comes to getting your diet right and shedding excess fat. Too much of a good thing really can be bad for you when you need to lose weight. Yet it can feel hard to know how, when, and how much to cut down so that you can really begin to see some progress in reaching your weight goals.

Why is it so hard to exercise portion control?

Habit rules our lives much more than we realize. We eat because it's time to eat (even though you had a snack just half an hour ago). We overeat out of politeness, or not wanting to ‘waste' what is on our plate, or just because we are so used to stuffing ourselves that we have forgotten how to recognize when we've had enough.

Of course, there are some common sense things that can help you control portion size:

  • You can consciously eat more slowly – this gives your stomach a chance to register its fullness in your brain and switch off your appetite.
  • You can start your meal with soup – a low calorie soup can be very satisfying and allow you to feel happy with a much smaller portion for your main course.
  • You can use the old smaller plate trick – so you literally have to eat smaller portions.
  • You can avoid buffets and ignore ‘mega-meal' deals.

Why hypnosis is a powerful tool for portion control

Great as all of the above advice is, you still need to overcome habit and compulsion – and that's where hypnosis can really help. Food is fuel, and fuel needs to be of the right quality and quantity. Imagine trying to put more fuel into your car when it's already full. It just doesn't make sense.

The Portion Control hypnosis session will take you into a deeply relaxed state and quickly train your unconscious mind to know instinctively when to leave excess food alone and allow your digestion to be so much more comfortable. You will rediscover the pleasure of being in tune with what your own body really needs for nourishment.

Download Portion Control now and enjoy the satisfaction of taking real control. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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