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Stroke Movement Recovery – Hypnosis is a great facilitator of post stroke healing


Stroke Movement Recovery – Hypnosis is a great facilitator of post stroke healing

Are you looking for ways to encourage post stroke movement recovery?

Are you wondering if there could be more to it than physiotherapy?

A stroke is one of the most challenging medical crises you can encounter. It can change your life in an instant and catapult you into what feels like a completely different world. Depending on the severity, you can find yourself dealing with anything from minor and temporary physical difficulties to near total immobility and/or aphasia (inability to speak) which can seem impossible to overcome.

What influences stroke recovery?

Of course, people do recover after a stroke, and modern physiotherapy helps sufferers to get back an astonishing level of mobility and control. But every case is different. The severity of the attack, the general health and capacities of the individual, the nature of medical help and therapy services, the amount of support available at home – all of these will have a major impact on how quickly movement can be recovered. And how much.

But did you know that some people recover well beyond what medical practice and experience predict, and that a key factor in this ‘extra' recovery is how these stroke patients use their imaginations to aid their recuperation? This is not about ‘miracle cures' but about making use of and cooperating with the brain's own self-repairing mechanisms.

And you can benefit from this approach too.

Hypnosis can aid recovery

Stroke Movement Recovery is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that focuses precisely on what to imagine and how to utilize the effects to maximize the extent of physical recovery.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to this download, the carefully crafted hypnotic suggestions will tap directly into your unconscious mind and activate its innate ability to

  • build new models of function based on remembered experience
  • remap damaged areas of the brain
  • create new ‘blueprints' of healthy functioning
  • influence micro-motor movement
  • creatively learn and adapt to make the most of present circumstances

Download Stroke Movement Recovery and give yourself the best possible chance to heal.

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