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Fear of Photography – Fear of having your picture taken can spoil events for you and others


Fear of Photography – Fear of having your picture taken can spoil events for you and others

Do you dread the sound of the camera shutter or the camcorder whirr?

Does the sight of folks with cameras at the ready make you want to run and hide?

Having your picture taken is such a normal part of social life, especially in the age of the smartphone, that most people don't give it a thought. This can make you feel very ‘out of it' if you are one of those who really can't stand the idea of being ‘snapped'.

Your friends are likely to look at you oddly if you object. And it is hard to explain that you have a fear of photographs. What kind of phobia is that?

You might find it just as hard to explain it to yourself. What, after all, is there to be afraid of? Everybody's doing it, it's fun, it's a great way to contribute to the mementoes of your friends and family – not to mention building up your own collection of memories of happy events.

But something about that camera pointing at you makes you anxious.

How do you explain a fear of photographs?

You've maybe tried to rationalize your feelings to yourself and others. Perhaps you've thought that your dislike of being photographed is because you think you never look okay in photographs, or because you feel that people might judge you on how they turn out.

Or perhaps you just don't like the idea that you have no control over who will see your pictures. Or maybe you just don't know why you don't like it.

Such concerns are not ‘silly'. Pictures of ourselves are a part of the ‘data' that we use to construct our sense of identity, and our sense of identity is very important indeed. So it's fair enough to prefer photos of ourselves to match up to our own sense of ‘who we are', or to prefer to be able to limit who will see them.

How having a fear of having your picture taken is unfair

But what's not fair – to you or to those who would like you to be part of their photographic scene – is when such legitimate concerns get blown up out of proportion. It's not fair when they rule your life, and prevent you from enjoying social occasions because somebody might take out a camera.

You didn't one day make a conscious decision to start hating having your picture taken. You didn't ‘decide' to feel as badly as you do about it. Such reactions start unconsciously and get a grip without you noticing exactly how it happens. The strength of the hold they have on you is due to the effect of linking an unpleasant emotional arousal to a trigger. Or, in this case, a shutter.

Overcome your fear of photographs with hypnosis

The good news is, you can unlink that emotional arousal. This doesn't mean that you won't care at all when, where, how or by whom pictures of you are taken. But it means that you will feel calm around the idea of being photographed, and able to choose freely whether or not you will allow it, rather than automatically running away.

Fear of Having Photographs Taken is an audio hypnosis session created by experienced psychologists that will help you easily and quickly get comfortable with being in front of a camera.

You'll find yourself experiencing a wonderful total body and mind relaxation as you let the powerful hypnotic suggestions carry you away from everyday hassles and concerns. And you will learn a highly effective – and enjoyable – way of breaking through emotion based barriers. In no time you'll notice that

  • you enjoy social occasions much more than you used to
  • you are happy to be photographed
  • and equally happy to say no when it suits you
  • you feel much more relaxed with cameras about
  • life feels so much better all around

Download Fear of Having Photographs Taken and free yourself to enjoy yourself. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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