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Short Man Syndrome – Let this powerful hypnosis session move you past any concerns about your height


Short Man Syndrome – Let this powerful hypnosis session move you past any concerns about your height

Is short man syndrome driving you to act smaller than you are?

Are you always measuring yourself against others and feeling that they've got an unfair edge on you?

Anybody who tells you that physical proportions don't make any difference to anything is talking nonsense. What size something (or someone) is makes a difference in all sorts of ways, in different circumstances.

But, as with many other things in life, context is everything. In the unimaginably vast universe, relative differences in the size of human beings cannot be said to count for much.

The roots of short man complex

Except, you will say, among the human beings themselves! Human beings sometimes act as if their relative height is something of consequence. Of course, in certain contexts, it will make a difference.

A fly-weight fighter who takes on a heavy-weight will have to find a way to deal with the size difference. A taller person is going to be able to reach that high shelf when a shorter person won't make it.

But that kind of difference is really a matter of practicalities and the laws of physics. It is not a question of value. Short man complex stems from value judgments about being taller or shorter than others.

Value judgments are subjective (that is, they come out of how you see the world). They are also very susceptible to social conditioning (that is, you are likely to be strongly influenced by how others see the world).

Getting a new perspective on height

So when people around you seem to value a taller physical stature over a shorter physical stature, and you are a person of (relatively) shorter stature, it's not so surprising that you sometimes, or often, ‘feel small'.

But although you probably can't do much to change the attitudes of other people, you can do something about how you respond. It does help to remember that their attitudes are just ‘opinions' – not fact.

Of course, it's easy to say that you just ‘shouldn't mind', but if you've taken on the whole ‘being shorter is bad' shtick and assimilated it into how you think about yourself, it's not so easy to throw it off, just like that. You're used to thinking along these lines. It's a habit.

But there is a fast and powerful way to change it.

Hypnosis is a fast and effective way to deal with short man syndrome

Overcome Short Man Syndrome is an audio hypnosis session created by psychologists that utilizes the power of hypnosis to reach the unconscious mind and change seemingly entrenched behaviors and attitudes.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll observe a number of positive changes starting to happen. You'll notice that

  • you feel much more calm and grounded generally
  • your focus shifts away from self-concern to engage with what matters to you
  • you rebalance your sense of your self to give proper weight to your strengths and gifts
  • you no longer care so much what others think
  • life becomes a whole lot more enjoyable

Download Overcome Short Man Syndrome now and be proud of who you are. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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