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Body Dysmorphia –


Body Dysmorphia –

A negative body image or ‘body dysmorphia‘ as it is sometimes called can really spoil the enjoyment of living and even interfere with career progression.

Body dysmorphic disorder becomes an overwhelming preoccupation that can stop enjoyment of life. The message the condition sends is ‘how can anything be right if my body isn't right?'

Having a distorted body image means being made unhappy because of how you feel about a particular part of your body or face. People may obsess about their hands, nose, eyes, shape, ears anything at all.

Sometimes body dysmorphic disorder is a consequence of wider anxieties and unhappiness or may have been triggered by a traumatic event. Talk to your doctor if body dysmorphic disorder has been affecting your life.

How Overcome Body Dysmorphic Disorder Works

This hypnosis session won't try to convince you that your perceived imperfection is really OK, or try to talk you out of your self-degrading thoughts. If improving body image were that easy then body dysmorphic disorder wouldn't have stolen so much of your valuable time already.

Instead, this session will calm you, giving your mind a chance to take a wider view of the situation.

Life isn't meant to be about focusing on one small part all the time. When you feel calmer about your looks (whatever your beliefs about them) then you are able to start living truly in a more balanced and fulfilling way.

Imagine a time when you are relaxed about your whole appearance, when you no longer base all your happiness on your appearance and when you can enjoy life and not have to focus so much on yourself all the time.

Download Overcome Body Dysmorphia Disorder now and get some freedom from those overwhelming thoughts.

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