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Attention In Class – Rekindle your love of learning with hypnosis


Attention In Class – Rekindle your love of learning with hypnosis

Has your love of learning been bored out of you?

Is your attention span in class measured in seconds?

Way back when, you would bounce into class, eager to learn something, anything, as long as it was new and absorbing.  Maybe you'd have to go back as far as finger painting and glueing, but there was a time in your school life when you actually did have a love of learning.  Zip back to today, you're left wondering how you're going to complete your assignment when you weren't paying any attention in class, and ask yourself what on earth happened to that feeling?

Why going to school can make it hard to pay attention in class

It can seem as if school is designed to make it harder for you to learn. Grades, tests, and exams, and ticking the right boxes – it can feel as if nobody is interested in answering the questions you really want to have answered or discussing what's important to you. So after a while you stop wanting to ask them and going to school becomes just another chore you have to get through.

Is there more to ‘paying attention' than meets the eye?

But every now and then you'll get a glimmer that this is not the whole story. There'll be that one teacher whose classes you find yourself looking forward to. Or you'll get into a discussion about something that seemed dead dull at first and suddenly find you've been talking about it for nearly an hour and not noticed the time passing. Or there will be something really absorbing in a book on a reading list.

So you might find yourself wondering… is there any way to spread that feeling round some of the classes you're not enjoying, particularly? So they could be more fun and you could get more out of them than just a pass mark?

What can stop you from loving going to class?

Of course, it's not your fault if the curriculum isn't well designed and interesting, or if your teachers are less than wonderful and fascinating. Nor do you have any say about examinations and qualifications. But you don't have to let these aspects of your learning environment hold you back from getting a thrill from learning anything you want. They can't stop you from getting excited about learning again. If you want to.

The only thing in your way, probably, is the habits you've fallen into while at school. The habit of finding it all too dull to bother with. The habit of not asking questions and keeping on until you get answers. The habit of fitting in with everybody else who's also just marking time till graduation.

Hypnosis can rekindle your love of learning

But if you'd like to really get your learning to take off, if you'd like to find yourself getting fascinated with all sorts of subjects – even the ones you think you don't like – you can start today.

Love Going to Class is a hypnosis session designed especially for students who would like to enjoy their classes more and get a whole lot more out of them – no matter what kind of school they attend or what kind of teaching they receive. Love Going to Class will show you how the best learning happens through what you do rather than what you get.

By setting aside the time to listen to Love Going to Class regularly for a while, you'll find that your attitude to your own learning will be transformed. You will be no passive receiver of a handout, but an active seeker after knowledge, determined to expand your awareness and your understanding to the limit of your capability – and who knows where that is?

Download Love Going to Class and discover a whole new way of learning.

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