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Love Your Pregnant Body –


Love Your Pregnant Body –

So you're pregnant, and a new life is growing inside you. Wonderful as that thought may be, you know it means your body is growing too – and that may not feel quite so wonderful. In a society which promotes stick-like thinness as the ultimate ideal of feminine beauty, a pregnant woman may be forgiven for feeling as if she is being forced to undergo some form of torture. Love that pregnant body? You must be kidding.

The conflict of feelings around being pregnant

Whatever your starting state, as pregnancy progresses, you will inevitably grow larger, heavier, and rounder. It would be very worrying if you did not! But these changes in your body shape may arouse conflicting feelings. On the one hand, it is good to see your body developing as it should in preparation for birth. On the other hand, as you depart further and further from the ‘ideal' shape, it can feel hard to be appreciative.

How other people can make you feel when you're pregnant

Comments from others can make it worse. Most people don't mean to be unkind, of course, but references to your weight, or size, can feel particularly insensitive at this time. And then there's maternity wear. It's hard enough to find truly flattering maternity clothes, and even when you do, the contrast between your capacious garments and the close fitting attire so carelessly sported by your friends can feel a little stark.

Overcoming negative attitudes to a pregnant body

What can you do to overcome such negative feelings and really begin to enjoy the natural beauty of your pregnant body? How can you withstand those pernicious influences which are making you feel down about how you look as a pregnant woman? How can you love your pregnant body?

The answer is two-fold.

Two steps to feeling great about your pregnant body

Firstly, actively keep in mind the meaning and purpose of your pregnancy. It may be obvious, but it bears repeating. Pregnancy is not about where you stand in the relentless but artificial ‘beauty contest' imposed on us by current social patterns. Pregnancy is about the wonder of bringing forth new life, a new generation, a new person – a new person with the potential to be and do all that is open to a human being.

Using hypnosis to help you love your pregnant body

Secondly, cultivate in yourself an understanding and appreciation of the physical unfolding of pregnancy. There is no better way to do this than by letting go of all the self-criticism and throwing yourself into the wonder of what is happening. And there is no better way to do that than by using hypnosis to enter a state of deep relaxation and to focus all your attention and energy on the miracle that is happening within you.

Love your pregnant body is an audio hypnosis session which will carry you away from those negative thoughts and voices into a state of deep peace and calm, where you can feel totally at one with yourself – and with the one within.

Listening to Love your pregnant body will make it easy and delightful to engage your mind with the natural and wonderful reality of pregnancy, teaching you to appreciate it in ways you would never have thought of. You'll find it easy to establish and maintain a state of deep and confident enjoyment of your pregnant condition.

Download Love your pregnant body and begin to appreciate just how wonderful you are.

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