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Home-working Productivity – Working from home can mean increased productivity when you put it all together with hypnosis


Home-working Productivity – Working from home can mean increased productivity when you put it all together with hypnosis

Is it hard to get started and concentrate properly when you're working from home?

Do you worry that you might be working less effectively than you could?

In the age of the internet, more and more people work away from the ‘traditional' office environment. Computers, telephones and email have freed us from the tyranny of the desk and the office. For many modern jobs, it doesn't matter where you are. As long as you have suitable equipment, you can work just as effectively for your company from your living room as from an office.

New technology has also inspired many people to quit old style office working altogether, and set up their own home-based businesses. No more rental and insurance overheads or costly maintenance programs. Do it all from your back bedroom or garden shed. Whether working for an employer or for yourself, a wonderful world of freedom to work in the way that suits you opens up when you are based at home.

The homeworker productivity challenge

But all changes bring unforeseen consequences, and one of the more tricky challenges of this new way of working was certainly unforeseen by most people who took it up. Most people distinguish their working lives from their personal lives by location. You know you're ‘at work' because you're in the office. You know it's ‘time to relax' because you're at home. When this distinction disappears, things get confusing!

Suddenly, the old drivers that kept you on task and on target are no longer there. Your boss is not breathing down your neck. There are no colleagues busy with their own tasks. You are the one who has to set the work routine. Your own kitchen and couch are within a couple of yards. The TV is right there. Or maybe the outdoors beckons. How are you going to get things done?

People who have the space may set aside a specific room in the house to be the ‘office'. This helps them to keep up the demarcation between working and not working. Even just designating a particular table and chair as ‘workspace' can help you do this. But it can still be a struggle to keep up the productivity and stay focused. How can you train your brain to get – and stay – in work mode?

Hypnosis can help you significantly increase productivity working from home

Homeworker productivity is an audio hypnosis session created specifically for people who want to work successfully from home. It directly targets the unconscious associations that can sometimes make homeworking less effective, and reprograms them under deep hypnosis.

You can use this download to train your brain to

  • automatically associate your ‘designated place' with work mode
  • fire up your focus and concentration according to your chosen schedule
  • readily ignore distractions and interruptions and get on with what you have to do
  • feel more in control of everything you do

Download Homeworker productivity and make the most of your freedom to work where you choose.


Homeworker Productivity has been purchased by 450 customers.

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