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Write Your Dissertation – Use hypnosis to create the focus and determination to get writing, and keep going


Write Your Dissertation – Use hypnosis to create the focus and determination to get writing, and keep going

Could you do with some genuinely effective help with dissertation writing?

Is that looming deadline putting you in a state of complete panic?

When you initially set out on an academic study program that's going to take you several years to complete, you know in your head that – one day – you're going to have to ‘write something' that will bring your work to its completion and lead to that doctorate or other academic qualification you are seeking.

But knowing that in your head and sitting down in front of your keyboard to begin the project are very different things.

Dissertation writing is a different ball game

For a start, carrying out a study program is itself a very different thing from writing it all up at the end. The kinds of skills you need as a researcher -whether you have to conduct practical experiments in a scientific field or analyze statistics, make calculations or read a wide range of literature in order to amass the information you need – are different from the skills you need as a writer.

Now you need to take that mass of information you have amassed (and by this time it really is massive) and somehow distil it into a coherent and cogent account of your work and conclusions that can stand up to scrutiny from the most critical audience – your academic judges.

Where do you start?

Don't let how you feel about dissertation writing hold you back

Well, it's human to allow yourself a little panic. It is a big scary task! But the biggest, scariest task can be successfully accomplished if it's brought down to size. The scariness comes from the feeling that this monstrous task all has to be done in one go!

This is nonsense, of course, but it's how we feel. So the first thing is to take a deep breath and consciously remind yourself that the feeling and the facts are not the same thing.

Holding that truth in mind, you can take an effective two-pronged approach. On the one prong, address the academic requirements. Follow the advice of your supervisors on how to plan and structure your dissertation. Devise a schedule of what is to be covered in the time available.Start as soon as you can to give yourself as much leeway as possible at the far end. Consult with your supervisors along the way when necessary.

On the other prong, address the psychological requirements – that is to say, your requirements. Did you know that there are three key psychological skills to ensure you write your dissertation efficiently and professionally? Make sure that you have got all three lined up and working for you.

Not sure how to do that?

Why hypnosis is the best dissertation writing tool

Write Your Dissertation is a powerful audio hypnosis session developed by experts in motivational psychology specifically for individuals preparing to write a major piece of academic work.

While you relax deeply (actually the fourth key psychological skill you require!), your brain will effortlessly absorb and integrate everything it needs to get going, keep going, and successfully conclude your dissertation writing. (As an extra benefit, this download is also great if you have to write an essay, a report, an article, or any other major piece of writing.)

As you listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice yourself

  • feeling an ever stronger sense of determination and purpose
  • developing a powerfully disciplined approach to what you need to do
  • staying calm and focused no matter what the pressure
  • becoming skilled at effectively engaging your unconscious capacities in the task at hand
  • making steady progress towards your ultimate goal

Download Write Your Dissertation and get writing! You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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