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Watch Less TV – How much of your life does watching TV steal from you? Hypnosis can break your TV habit – today


Watch Less TV – How much of your life does watching TV steal from you? Hypnosis can break your TV habit – today

There's no question about it, watching TV is addictive. It's so easy just to switch on and zone out.

And like any addiction, even when you have decided you will watch less TV, before you know it, you're watching again.

But how much time is TV stealing from you?

And how valuable is that time really?

Do you want to live your own life or other peoples' ?

Just think – in future many people's memories of their life will really be memories from TV shows – not their own memories at all!

Based on current averages, by the age of eighty, eleven solid years of someone's time would have been spent watching TV. Is that really living life? Do you want to watch life from the sidelines or be a full participant?

Watching too much TV is bad for your brain – fact.

Watching too much TV exhausts what psychologists call the orientation response, making you feel tired and depressed. It may feel like it relaxes you but it actually agitates and tires your brain.

Added to that, brain scans show that TV inhibits your thinking brain. Within thirty seconds of starting watching TV the critical part of the brain shuts down leaving us less ‘human' than we would normally be.

TV is like a magic genie that hypnotizes for its own ends. Too much TV tends to make us fat and lazy. And when you watch less TV you become one of life's players.

What could you could be doing if TV didn't steal so much of your attention?

How hypnosis can help you watch less TV

When you watch TV all the time, your brain has developed a habit of getting its needs met this way. To break out of it, you need to establish a new pattern at an unconscious level.

This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis can help you create new, healthier habits and give you more choice in your actions by creating deep relaxation and using guided imagery to get your unconscious mind focused on what you actually want.

You're being hypnotized right now by the TV. And not in a good way, so why not use hypnosis for something that will actually benefit you?

Download ‘Watch Less TV' now and claim your stolen hours back. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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