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Stop Yelling – Hypnosis can quickly interrupt negative habits like shouting


Stop Yelling – Hypnosis can quickly interrupt negative habits like shouting

Are you wondering if it might be time to stop yelling at people when you feel annoyed or frustrated with them, but are not sure how?

Are you inwardly concerned that if you don't shout, people might not take you or your concerns seriously?

You probably don't wake up and plan who you're going to shout at today. You probably don't have a yell schedule. You probably don't keep a secret tally to see how many bellowings you can notch up in a month. Yet somehow it seems to be a regular feature of your life, finding people not doing what they should be doing, or what you've asked, and then finding your very natural anger exploding into a volley of yells.

As if it happens all by itself.

Why you might want to stop yelling at people

At the same time, natural as your response may be, the results are not ideal, are they? Sure, it gets people's attention, and might intimidate them into doing what you say for a while, but true respect is not the same thing as fear. And people learn how to do the minimum necessary to avoid getting yelled at – which is not at all the same thing as doing what they're supposed to do, properly, because it's what they're supposed to do.

You've probably also noticed that you don't feel that great yourself after you've given someone a high decibel dressing down. You may feel quite hot and your face may be flushed. Your blood pressure will have risen. Your heart rate will have increased. Your head will be full of swirling angry thoughts, all building on each other, so that you can hardly think straight. It's not exactly fun, even if you did ‘tell them how you feel'.

So how can you deal with the emotions of frustration and annoyance (which you're bound to keep on encountering, life being what it is) in a more effective, productive way that isn't so hard on you, or others?

Hypnosis can help you quickly stop yelling and start communicating

Stop yelling is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists with wide experience in anger management that will help you cut right through that shouting habit.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to the powerful hypnotic suggestions on your download, you'll find that you

  • start to feel calmer and more relaxed about life generally
  • no longer get so easily worked up about things
  • can recognize and acknowledge your own anger rising, and calm it down
  • find it easier to stay in control, even when seriously provoked
  • communicate more calmly and clearly, and get better results
  • acquire a new, more grounded authority in your dealings with others

Download Stop yelling and enjoy the benefits of quietly effective communication.

Stop Yelling has been purchased by 423 customers.

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