How to Stop Mindreading and Torturing Yourself

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Stop Mindreading – Escape from this self-destructive thought pattern with the help of hypnosis


Stop Mindreading – Escape from this self-destructive thought pattern with the help of hypnosis

Are you always trying to work out what's going on in people's heads?

Do you anxiously analyze every interaction in minute detail?

Human beings have an amazing capacity to imagine what's going on in someone else's mind. Being able to empathize with others and ‘tune in' to other people's moods is a vital social skill.

People who lack this skill can find social situations a real struggle, as they try to figure out what people's words and actions mean, and how they should respond.

But useful though it is, this capacity of ours also has limits, and it's just as important to understand what those limits are.

Because the fact is that although we can imagine what someone else is thinking, and our imaginings may even be fairly close to the truth if we know them well, we can't absolutely certainly know.

The private world of the mind

We all live in a private, subjective inner world. Nobody experiences exactly what you experience. Some of our thoughts may sometimes be apparent to others, but by far the most part of what we think, dream and feel is completely hidden.

Even when you find someone who seems to think very like you, someone who feels like a ‘soul mate' perhaps, you can't completely and fully know everything that's in their mind.

And this is OK. It's a good thing!

This is because you actually have a right to have your private thoughts, your private feelings. You have a right not to have to fully explain yourself all the time to others. You have a right to think or act illogically sometimes, to be vague and unclear sometimes about what you think or do.

And so does everyone else.

What happens when you over analyze things

This can make life a bit tricky at times, of course. It's natural to want to feel comfortable and at ease with the people around you, and to be sure that you are on good terms with them.

So when they seem to act in an inexplicable way, you may find yourself wanting to check what's going on, to reassure yourself that everything is fine.

It's perfectly alright to do this sometimes, of course, because misunderstandings do happen.

But if you find that you're constantly focusing on what other people are thinking, constantly worrying about why they did or didn't do something, constantly jumping to negative conclusions based on how they looked, or their tone of voice, you can end up really tying yourself in knots. And driving people away.

And that's not so good.

But there is a way you can calm all this down.

How hypnosis can help you stop mindreading and let people be

Stop Mindreading is a powerful audio hypnosis session that will help you calm down the anxious, doubtful part of your mind so that you can enjoy better relationships with others.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Can actually feel tension and stress draining out of you, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed
  • Discover how to get into a calm, open state of mind where nothing worries you and you can see so much more clearly
  • Begin to look at the people you know in a different light, as individuals with their own private worlds, just like yours
  • Discover that you can more and more happily accept that not everything can be pinned down
  • Find that you are acting much more calmly and objectively round others, with growing confidence and ease
  • Become aware that you are enjoying life and relationships so much more.

Download Stop Mindreading now and let yourself enjoy the world as it is. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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