How to Stop Making Excuses for Yourself

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No Excuses – Use hypnosis to get into the habit of taking full responsibility – whatever you do


No Excuses – Use hypnosis to get into the habit of taking full responsibility – whatever you do

Have you found yourself being told to stop making excuses?

Do you fear that your excuses and rationalizations block you from leading a more rewarding life?

Nothing happens without a reason, and we humans are the ‘rational' beings who discovered this very important principle.

And we are so attached to it that when we don't have or know a good reason for why something happened (or didn't happen), we feel such extreme discomfort that we regularly rush to invent plausible explanations to fill the gap.

And then we believe our explanations are true, and act on them, whether they are actually true or not.

Why it's important to stop making excuses

It's easy to see as ‘rational' human beings, that believing an explanation which is not true could lead to problems. It has recently been proposed that human reasoning ability may have evolved not as a way to discover objective truths for ourselves but as a way to win arguments with others.

Winning over others is a good survival strategy. And we like to win arguments with ourselves as much as with others. More so, even.

What that means is that we are far more ready to believe our own plausible explanations for our own actions or inactions, than we are to believe other people's explanations for their actions.

And it is quite often the case that our ‘plausible explanation' for why we did or didn't do something has no objective truth to it and is simply – an excuse.

This won't usually have fatal consequences. But over time it can give your life a seriously negative bias. Instead of squaring up to life and taking full responsibility for your decisions, good and bad, you ‘blame' something else.

So you don't take up that activity that you really would find deeply satisfying. And when things go wrong, it's never your fault, and so you don't take the steps that would lead to things going right.

But when you've woken up to the fact that excuse making is really not doing you any favors, how do you get out of what may be a lifetime's habitual pattern?

How hypnosis can help you stop making excuses

Stop Making Excuses is an audio session developed by psychologists that uses the power of hypnosis to help you make deep changes at the level of your unconscious mind.

As you repeatedly listen and relax deeply to this life changing session, you'll notice that you

  • begin to see life from a new broader perspective
  • develop a deeper honesty and truthfulness with yourself
  • take full responsibility for what you do
  • understand your own and others' motivations more clearly
  • live life with more determination and enthusiasm

Download Stop Making Excuses now and get out there and live life to the full. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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